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  1. Goku_San

    Would the USSR sign a peace treaty or continue fighting beyond the Urals in a Nazi victory?

    Yeah, no. Why should the surviving Soviet leadership surrender if they knew they'd be pretty much safe behind a line of natural fortifications and strongpoints, being aided by the rough weather and the partisan movement behind German lines? And even if the Germans marched beyond the Urals, what...
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    Would the USSR sign a peace treaty or continue fighting beyond the Urals in a Nazi victory?

    As long as something like a central leadership AND places to relocate to exist, there will be no official surrender, nor a cease fire. It was pretty evident from the start of the war in '41 that the Germans are aiming for the total destruction of not only the Soviet Union, but its peoples. That...
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    I will. Expect an update during this or next week. :3

    I will. Expect an update during this or next week. :3
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    How long could 1984 have lasted before collapsing?

    East-Asia has trillions of tons worth of coal reserve. If they are really, really desperate they will use it for synthetic fuel. This was a known tech in the 40s and in this timeline the massive synth. fuel plants in central Europe were caputed by the Eurasians - of which East-Asia was a part...
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    How long could 1984 have lasted before collapsing?

    Most of the military tech is refined, slightly more advanced WW2 vintage, perhaps even older in some cases like small arms and howitzer. While the professional militaries of the super states are small, the resource demand for military production is aswell. I think their oil consumption is on par...
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    What unprecedented countries could have been created in the 20th century? This badboy.
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    DBWI: Hitler fails to get into art school.

    Well, I do not see him entering politics. Hitler's art clearly focuses on building and architectural details. So, if he does not get into art school he might - after years of struggling - become an architect.
  8. Goku_San

    AHC: Make Plan Z a reality

    On the steel situation: in 1942 and '43 the Kriegsmarine received between 122,000 and 180,000 tons of steel per month. This was barely sufficient to keep the submarine programmes running - between 18 and 26 subs left the docks per month (to spend the next up to 24 months with training)...
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    AHC: Make Plan Z a reality

    I don't see how Germany could have build this fleet with their limited steel production. Germany produced between 2.2 and 2.7 million tons of different (mainly Thomas-steel and Martin/Siemens-steel; they were switching to electric furnaces tho) steels a month. And while this sounds like much...
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    WI: Kapp Putsch succeeds

    So, Hitler has the chance to become the mayor of Munich in this scenario. Interesting.
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    Would the B-36 be a magic bullet against Germany if they defeated the USSR?

    Wouldn't the germans then have invested more resouces in early SAM-systems like the Wasserfall-missiles? As far as I remember the Wasserfall was put on the backburner, largely due to the lack of resources and time.
  12. Goku_San

    Japanese Soldiers on the Western Front in 1914.

    The impact on the battlefield would have been small since Japan was not capable to send a huge force to Europe and sustain a prolonged campaign there. However, the diplomatic implications are quite important. Japan's ties with the west would have profited from this move greatly and supporting...
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    Graphic Thread

    Atlantic-class dreadnought/fast battleship, initial configuration, as per schematic "C" selected by the United Nations. Length: 465,12 m. Weight: 261,340 t, full load And that thing carries a lot of 14 inch railguns and even more 8.1 inch X-ray lasers and even more close defense systems. I...
  14. Goku_San

    AHC: reduce 1930s-1940s German need for petrol The problem is the minituarization and not the availability of fuel, imho.
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    How would the Central Powers realistically be able to win WWI after the First Battle of the Marne?

    Not enter Belgium to keep the UK out and fight a defensive campaign in Alsace-Lorraine. Given the numbers there, the French will not be able to break through the German lines. Promising Italy Nice and Corse might be helpful. Other than that, without the bloody stalemate in the west, Germany and...
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    Hearts of Iron IV Thread

    Had a couple of games. No crashes so far, some stuttering late game, battle plans are okayish, AI is however bad. Huge pro: the entire economic system - simple but deep.
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    Revolution, Maple Leafs, Chrysanthemes and the Eagle -A revised 1848 TL

    I just stumbled over this very well done TL and have read it the last two days. Amazing work done here. Subscribed! However I'd like to know more about the German Mangas and their development/influence in Nihon (can we see a German Dragonball? ;D). :3
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    If you could eliminate one person at any given time in the last century who would it

    Gavrilo Princip and his friends. And Woodrow Wilson, ensuring Teddy Roosevelt will have a fair chance to win the 1912 elections.
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    Map Thread VII

    Lol, German Korea. That made me laugh. :D
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    Victoria II

    One of the Indian states is fine too. Or Japan.