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  1. L. Ron Hubbard's Lord of the Rings

    Kind of like the 60s? :p
  2. L. Ron Hubbard's Lord of the Rings

    Kubrick’s take on LOTR would have been worth watching because it would have good special effects and an actual sense of scope, even if casting the Beatles would probably also make it unintentionally hilarious.
  3. Soviet Nuclear Battle Moles

    It occurs to me to wonder how detectable these things are. The video alluded to the idea of Soviet submarines dropping these things off the coast of California, with the idea of triggering earthquakes etc, but the whole west coast is wired up like a Christmas tree with seismographs. Wouldn’t...
  4. L. Ron Hubbard's Lord of the Rings

    So....Lord of the Rings sucks now?
  5. Soviet Nuclear Battle Moles

    Yeah, this is not an unheard of idea in science fiction, but I had no idea that anyone actually seriously thought about this while sober.
  6. Soviet Nuclear Battle Moles

    I came across this on YouTube and thought it was worth sharing, because a lot of us love picking apart Napkinwaffe and other whacky weapons concepts.
  7. What actors/celebrities would you save from an early death and why?

    Yeah, good pick. Mozart living into the 1820s doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch.
  8. Screw 1800 United States

    Have the Spanish intercept the Corp of Discovery?
  9. You are now Theologists -Describe an alternate religion

    In that they co-opted the calendar and some of the terminology of the Roman state religion, but threw out all the gods. There was never really any discussion, as far as I have ever heard, in the ancient sources, of keeping the Greco-Roman pantheon as saints or angels etc.
  10. How Could the US Have Decisively Won the War of 1812?

    Yeah, definitely a scenario where the winning move is not to play.
  11. What If: American impressment of British sailors

    So the Americans are dumb enough to interfere with the British Navy during a time of war? This ends badly.....
  12. What is the plausibility of these events occurring in succession?

    The Persians successfully subjugating the Greeks probably butterflies the rest of your chain of events.
  13. AHC/WI: Can a Nun Hear Confession?

    The confession and reconciliation of sins is a sacrament of the Catholic Church, which can only be administered by an ordained priest, so no a nun can not hear your confession.
  14. No Roman Empire

    I suppose you could have the Romans lose the Samnite Wars or something, but even then the Romans had near bottomless resources. If the Romans lose a Legion, they just shrug and raise two more.
  15. AHC: Make a Short-Lived Roman Emperor or Usurper Reign Longer

    My picks would be either Caligula or Titus. Caligula was considered to be popular and competent before getting sick and going crazy and Titus only reigned for two years, but an overall argument could be made for the Flavians as Good Emperors.
  16. Greek as the Primary Language of Christianity

    Considering that the New Testament was written in Greek, potentially not that much. The flip side, however, is that it might limit the appeal of Christianity to the eastern empire.
  17. AHC make Islam or christianity polytheistic

    Yeah you could make an argument that the veneration of saints and angels in sacramental Christianity is analogous, at least in the broad sense to the worship of heroes and demigods, but the idea of cults for individual Prophets, at least according to my understanding of Islam would be haram and...
  18. Westminster Parliament builds themselves bigger chambers

    I hadn’t really thought of that, although maybe the British Royals go all absolutist, spend an obscene amount of money building an eyesore which bankrupts the Empire and the monarchy is abolished as a result.
  19. Westminster Parliament builds themselves bigger chambers

    Possibly, although, I was thinking more generally of the idea that the monarchy can do literally anything it wants and as a result somebody decides to spend an obscene amount money on new Houses of Parliament purely because they can.
  20. Westminster Parliament builds themselves bigger chambers

    Maybe this is ATL UK, where the monarchy goes for full blown Sun King absolutism, ala France?