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  1. French-German war in 1894/1896

    I feel like there would be a better chance that the French could wind up declaring war on the Germans rather than the Germans declaring war. Say the French rattle their sabers enough that during a border clash accidentally turns hot or something. But that's just guessing on my end
  2. WI: Where else could the Ferguson rifle be manufactured?

    You'd probably need a place with decent manufacturing capabilities. I could see the Dutch possibly developing something with it. I don't think it could really become a true main battle musket/rifle until manufacturing replaceable parts becomes mainstream. It would most likely stay in the role...
  3. British Territories in Continental Europe

    Perhaps the Balearic Islands?
  4. US States that begin with the letters B, E, J, Q, X, Y, and Z

    States of: Benjamin (After Benjamin Franklin although Franklin is probably better) Quincy (After JQA) Jefferson (after TJ) Zion after the Zion valley
  5. Das zweite Kartell- The Second Cartel

    So, here goes the start to a new timeline that I have working on. The first part will be narrative based but the rest of the timeline most likely won't be. No clue on a schedule for updates but I'll do my best to keep them regular-ish. Also, apologies on spelling and grammar. I did look over it...
  6. WI Germany Renews the Reinsurance Treaty with Russia

    I actually started the process of writing a TL (if you could call it that, its about a page in length) with this premise. I think I had a WI that had the premise that there was a German-Russian-Italian alliance vs a British-French-Austro-Hungarian-Turkish alliance over on the after 1900 forum...
  7. Early infrastructure in a larger America

    The Bonus Bill that Calhoun and Co. proposed in 1817 would qualify. I dont know if that is too late to qualify, but it is definitely the right direction.
  8. WI/AHC: Calhoun Presidency?

    Oh shoot nice. Thank
  9. WI/AHC: Calhoun Presidency?

    Sitting in my early American History class today, we started covering Andrew Jackson's Presidency, and it made me think of something. What if Jackson was to pass away during his first term, (old age, falls off a horse, one of his lodged bullets shake loose, etc), how would a John C. Calhoun...
  10. american political dynasties?

    Would a Hamilton-screw that takes him out as head of the Federalist Party lead to either the Pickney's or Adams' (I'm assuming that JQA would become a Federalist ITL like his father) becoming the head of those parties and go from there?
  11. PC: How plausible are these alliances for an alt WW1?

    Hey y'all, sorry for the lack of replies on my part, midterms week at college (funny enough I just had my WWI midterm today). Now I know the odds of this are unlikely, but could the Germans replace the capital that the French were pouring into Russia in OTL. I would have to think that Germany...
  12. PC: How plausible are these alliances for an alt WW1?

    I'm inclined to agree with Filly here, the Balkans are definitely something I'm going to have to look at and see what I can figure out. If the Entente is dumping crazy money into the Ottomans and AH, the rest are going to be in for a rough awaking. I've been toying with who would side where and...
  13. PC: How plausible are these alliances for an alt WW1?

    Yeah, it while definitely leave Italy in a precarious spot if the French can pierce into Lombardy, and yeah i've been thinking along the same lines as you are for Japan and the United States. I'm not entirely sure I'll drag the Ottomans into the war at the very start, probably would be something...
  14. PC: How plausible are these alliances for an alt WW1?

    Yeah I'll do some digging and see what i can find. Without looking into it, I'm inclined to agree with you
  15. PC: How plausible are these alliances for an alt WW1?

    Ah shoot overlooked that. Yeah shipping through Switzerland could possibly work, would a way to convince the Swiss.
  16. PC: How plausible are these alliances for an alt WW1?

    Could say a trans-Alps railway fix that problem? Germany could in theory supply the coal if they can get it to Italy. Thanks Yeah that would be my thoughts as well. Some other thoughts i had were Germany getting what would be Czechkoslovkia, and Italy getting Nice and Savoy. Thanks
  17. PC: How plausible are these alliances for an alt WW1?

    Side 1- Germany, Russia, Italy Side 2- Great Britain, France, Austria-Hungary, and Ottoman Turkey i have a very rough Timeline in my head and I would like to see how plausible the alliance is. Say the POD being that the Reinsurance treaty is upheld,with Germany and Russia staying allied...
  18. WI: Germany wins Spanish-American War

    France could get what they lost back from the last fight with germany
  19. Most Naval-Dominated Major War?

    The first and the second saw the French neutral and French on the Dutch side in that order. The third had the Dutch fight the french, even then the Dutch were still fighting a majority of battles against the English at sea.
  20. Most Naval-Dominated Major War?

    Weren't most of the Anglo-Dutch wars naval conflicts primarily.