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  1. Can the Avro Arrow be saved?

    Something I've toyed with in my head is the idea of the adoption of a forward operating location kind of concept with rough facilities, and leading to a V/STOL requirement that produces sort of a Canadian Harrier, which ends up getting navalized and some interest from the US when US V/STOL...
  2. Jimmy Two: America in Carter's Second Term

    Revised. Had to mess with the hosting.
  3. Jimmy Two: America in Carter's Second Term

    That looks like the right thing, yeah. As for cost, the full NECIP was supposed to be about $2.4 billion, and if all of the planned non-NEC corridors studied were implemented it was estimated to need startup capital investments of about $1.35 billion. (I think the NECIP numbers are 1979...
  4. Jimmy Two: America in Carter's Second Term

    I can't address what funding Amtrak will be getting in this TL because I'm not @Vidal and they haven't told me, and even if they'd told me my answer unless they'd specifically said it in a post already would probably be "wait for the post". I'd imagine that first-term Carter is the base Amtrak...
  5. Jimmy Two: America in Carter's Second Term

    To elaborate on some of the stuff I told @Vidal , Carter and Amtrak is interesting. In 1979, Carter had taken some flack for the elimination of six ailing long-distance routes, the Floridian, the National Limited, the Hilltopper, the Champion, the Lone Star, and North Coast Hiawatha, all of...
  6. The Giant’s Vigor: An early exit from the Great Depression

    Have you listened to Mike Duncan's Revolutions? It's not particularly relevant to your topic but he's a good storyteller to listen to and just zone out.
  7. All three Yorktown-Class Carriers survive the Pacific War.

    I was pretty sure that's carbon dioxide, not carbon monoxide. (CO is lethal in incredibly low concentrations, like 100 parts per million, while lethal concentrations of carbon dioxide are about 400 times higher.) Checking Lundstrom's First Team confirms that it is CO2, not CO:
  8. WI: Using Zeppelins to Destroy British Dreadnoughts Before They're Launched

    I think that would be hard to lift--even a single 6 inch gun barrel weighs like 4-6 tons, and the triple turret off a cruiser is like over a hundred tons with the train and elevation mechanisms and storage for rounds and stuff. I think carrying any kind of heavy gun is going to be a bit beyond...
  9. Solar Dreams: a history of solar energy (1878 - 2025)

    If you use uBlock Origin, you can use filtering to remove google's AI overviews like any other spam:
  10. What would be your take on this alternate history scenario?

    Well, then you can take it down to ASB, because that's not how people work. In any practical sense, once their navy gets sunk by submarines they stop being a threat to anyone not reachable by land, and then once a couple carrier groups show up off their coast and take out any air defenses their...
  11. What would be your take on this alternate history scenario?

    They would be a laughingstock, basically. Look at how Argentina was viewed after the Falklands, and divide any residual respect by a factor of four or five.
  12. Solar Dreams: a history of solar energy (1878 - 2025)

    I found a pretty cool design for something like this which I'd posted here: Basically, you set it up so there's four arrays, divided by some kind of panel which partially...
  13. Solar Dreams: a history of solar energy (1878 - 2025)

    And yet very worth it. Always fondly appreciated whenever it comes. I liked seeing the technologies of harnessing solar power leaking out all over in various places.
  14. looking for recommendations for WW2 Pacific Themed stories

    I'd recommend @fester's "Keynes Cruisers": The main threads for it are in post-1900 and it's complete there through the end of the war, but fester's cleaning it up and posting at the thread linked above...
  15. The Giant’s Vigor: An early exit from the Great Depression

    The TVA was involved in some....70s era studies on rail electrification, if I recall (ah, found one of the studies and it appears I do), basically as something to do with all the power they were generating from dams and planned nuclear plants. I wonder if, with more push for mainline...
  16. The Dream Survives
    Threadmarks: e of pi's Author Note

    So, there were a few things I wanted to explore with this TL. The first was some of the interesting possible failure modes for Shuttle which haven’t received as much attention because when people think of failure modes, they tend to think of the two that actually resulted in loss of crew. The...
  17. Alternate Railways: V3

    So, I don't have a full write up of this I'm happy about, but I figured I'd pitch it in general details for comments. Long Island Rail Road and the Amtrak Long Island Mainline Gauge: 4' 8.5'' Operational: 1834 - Present Geographic/Pre-1900 Historical background: The basic idea is that this is...
  18. The Dream Survives

    Thanks. We have some additional comments about the reasoning behind this and some of the decisions coming (we're all sort of working on a thesis statement of what we think it means which we'll probably have up in a few days), but to reply to a first round of comments: I think the question of...
  19. A Sound of Thunder: The Rise of the Soviet Superbooster

    Maybe if you want a thread where people post like crazy about space and current space politics stuff, you could have those discussions in the space and current politics thread in Chat, where that belongs? Not a mod and this isn't my timeline, but this thread is quiet because the timeline is on...
  20. The Dream Survives

    That's all for now folks, we may have some reflection up later on why we wrote it and what it all means and stuff, but don't expect anything at 8 PM Eastern time.