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  1. What were the worst Allied mistakes after 1942?

    The Dieppe raid. Was meant to draw the lufftwaffa in to a death fight with fighter comand, First a foremost. I dont think that part worked out either.
  2. DLG123

    dlg 123 keeps spamming my notifications. Cant see a way to stop it by reporting! Sorry for the post.
  3. WI Britain never agrees to Masstricht treaty

    So can some of the posters on this tread exspain what any of there many posts on this tread got to do with the origanal qurstion. What happens if the UK dose not sign in to law the Maastricht treaty. Perhaps you could try and exsplain some of the short and long term ramifications of such an...
  4. European Settler colonies in parts of Asia

    If you ignore the Russian empire.!! Coughing Siberia! Then pehaps a heavy migration of Spanish to the Philippines. Or spanish then dutch controlled Taiwan. And definitely an anglo dutch celon. Not a majority but a large minority.
  5. WI Britain never agrees to Masstricht treaty

    De humanizing people who have a different opinon to you is intolerant. And frankly lazy! In regard to the post. There is a very real chance that if the uk parliament did not ratify the treaty. Then it would have brought down the conservative government of the day. And if it was done with...
  6. AHC: Britain with a larger population than Japan

    Dont disagree. But the op said larger population than Japan. And its just one of the things i said like banning the pill increasing birthrate and imagration. But banning abortion would translate into sevral million more people over a 40 year period. Thats just a fact. Buy the way im not...
  7. AHC: Britain with a larger population than Japan

    Londons population uesd to be ten million. It actually is something like seven now and after the 60s it technically doubled in size. So i could see twenty million living in greeter London . And you dont need sky scrapers for that. Most of the towerblocks in London house two thirds less than...
  8. AHC: Britain with a larger population than Japan

    Yea There is a really good chance that the uk could turn into some Malthusian nightmare. But i think that if the us can double its population and still stay prosperous. Then the uk could. I think even France could have double the population if its birthrate had not stagnated in the 19th...
  9. AHC: Britain with a larger population than Japan

    I Don't disagree no cocp means a much higher birthrate. But its still two million abortions every decade on average for the last four and a half . That is a genuine factor. And the uk abortion rate has stayed steady at 200k per year for a very long time. Thats more people. Good chance...
  10. AHC: Britain with a larger population than Japan

    Ok this might be unpopular. Abortion is never made leagl i the whole uk. As i understand it thats about 8m exstra people. And if the pill is never made legal who knows how many exstra that is. Also governments after the great war pursue a policy of large family's and give tax breaks for...
  11. AH: US reaction to a country other than the USSR launching the 1st satellite

    Job done. And winkie brown as the firs man in space.
  12. Churchill retires in 1945

    the French power brokered with Germany and that lives until today. That is the only reason why Europe has not befallen into wars. Dose Europe stop at the Austrian border? Or did I dream what Harpenden in the 1990s. Or dose it stop at Romania? Or did I dream what has been happening the last...
  13. Viceroy of India dies in the Delhi bumbing of 1912

    You need to edit the start of the post. Or people are going to ask why he died in a gay orgie!
  14. British army create a universal tank class

    My mistake. This is the A7e3. The tank above is the A7e1
  15. British army create a universal tank class

    Good enough in the late 20s early 30s. go with a tks. Dose the light cavalry job. And light infantry support. The poles killed a few pzkw Iv. With the tks . And even if you only make half the old cavalry tankets. You have a culture being built up in the army.
  16. British army create a universal tank class

    This was the tank the army designed. And realy wanted. The suspension was one of the bigest issues. But she had a crew of four, could do 25mph, and had a three pounder gun. And was started in 1929. What would have been great in the late 1920's is all the old cavalry in Cardenden Lloyd...
  17. British army create a universal tank class

    I think if the problems with the A7e3 tank had been sorted out sooner. You have your universal tank.
  18. Long-term impacts of no world wars?

    I have to say that just because the core of a state has a financial deficit with the porifery. Dose not mean that it wishes rid of it .
  19. WI: Alternate 1923 British railway grouping

    or not group any. and keep government out of public transport.