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  1. TL191 costumes

    That is perfect for the us
  2. Algarvian foot soldier and officer

    I used the m79 because I needed what is clearly meant to be a rifle analog, but not a rifle. The straightish fairly simple barrel I think works fairly well as a "stick". And yes, I don't know why they made them gold
  3. Algarvian foot soldier and officer

    It sure is.
  4. All quiet on the Roanoke Front. Richmond Fusiliers, 1916

    Thanks. I have been a member of this forum for thirteen years but I appreciate your suggestion.
  5. TL191 costumes

    oh hey great! I've just come back to this post after 10years,thanks for all the input Marc. Btw, do i know you from the action force facebook group?
  6. TL191 costumes

    same here. if not for this timeline then that is definitely a character that will have to exist somewhere
  7. TL191 costumes

    It's all good. That butternut frock is a beauty and the shade of the green grey tunic looks pretty close to what i imagine from the books
  8. TL191 costumes

    Yes the tunic is a modified Swedish. The uniforms as a whole are made up of parts from various sources, some modified some completely homemade, just whatever fits in the mental image i'm trying to replicate. If you want to know any piece in particular just ask I'm quite aware the cs in the...
  9. TL191 costumes

    I think they would be, but with different insiginia. I am working on a mountie outfit though, but that's going to be RAMP from The Two Georges
  10. WI: Draka Film Series by Zack Snyder

    A mini series would be an excellent idea. The beginning of each episode could be exposition / background like the novels. The dvd extras would be all the back story stuff stirling puts in his appendices
  11. TL191 costumes

    Thanks, I tend to get obsessed with details (this is what I'm wearing tomorrow)
  12. TL191 costumes

    Hey folks, long time no post. Been a bit computer inactive for a while, but time get back into hour-wasting on the forums so thought i'd share some of my TL191 costumes (I may have posted some of these before, I've been doing this a while) GW1 trench raiders US Marine, Second Mexican War...
  13. Rank Insignia and Uniforms Thread

    Here you go
  14. Rank Insignia and Uniforms Thread

    Excellent! Most excellent!
  15. Rank Insignia and Uniforms Thread

    The cap and jacket are both modified Swedish WWII
  16. Rank Insignia and Uniforms Thread

    Yes, yes and yes. I'm a professional costumier
  17. Mowque Reads TL-191

    yes that's what I thought. Of course, there was Saul Goldman too.