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  1. WI: Neanderthals invent agriculture

    Something easy for them would be the rabbit. They breed fast, provide meat and fur. Rabbits were domesticated surprisingly late, in 600 AD.
  2. Technology Exchanges That Would Have Changed The Course Of History

    The Persians extracted kerosene from asphalt and oil shale in the early Middle Ages. This could have changed lighting, cooking and home heating world wide.
  3. WI: Neanderthals invent agriculture

    Agriculture includes farming and animal husbandry. The oldest domesticated animal was the dog. Although that didn’t count as agriculture since dogs weren’t livestock but part of the hunter gatherer lifestyle. Some say the dog was what made modern humans superior hunters to the Neanderthals. Even...
  4. How would the discovery of gunpowder in the stone age/early bronze age effect civilization in the millennia to come?

    As civil, religious ritual sure. On the battlefield people will get used to them. It’s a good way to scare horses though.
  5. How would the discovery of gunpowder in the stone age/early bronze age effect civilization in the millennia to come?

    In China horse archers lasted into the 19th century and it’s super thick walled cities stood into the 20th. Gunpowder transform warfare IF you waged war in a certain way. If you’re engaged in ritualistic wars of intimidation it would have far less relevance.
  6. Su25 unnecessary aircraft

    If you look at the failed Syrian offensive in 1973, that was caused by among many things, unsupported armor attack against well defended positions. A few Su-25 at the right place and time could have made all the difference. Even if hundreds are lost it would be better than losing thousands of...
  7. US French split in the sixties

    Technically France decolonized. But if you talk to anyone in Francophone Africa their government follows the direction of France more than their people. The French military routinely conduct operations in their former colonies at the invitation of governments they prop up. France has more direct...
  8. US French split in the sixties

    There’s no end of pressure US can bring down on France. Not counting trade and banking, US never pushed France to give up it’s colonies in Africa. France remains the only colonial empire still running under the radar today. Then there’s all those strikes and student unrest of 1968. Look at all...
  9. Most likely alternate post-WWII countries created?

    What about Austria-Hungary plus Slovenia, just to give them a coastline.
  10. US French split in the sixties

    France backed down to US pressure during the Suez Crisis even with the British Empire on their side. It’s also a country with deep internal cleavages with coups and strikes in the 60s. I doubt think they would risk getting on America’s bad side then or now.
  11. WI: No DH Mosquito? What are the options going forward?

    Twin Spitfire would be a good option.
  12. WI: Hans Kammler captured via Operation Paperclip?

    Kammler was not a rocket scientist but a civil engineer. He was head of the program but his job was building the facilities to build the rockets. He had no unique skills like that of Von Braun. Not saying he wouldn’t be valuable enough to get his crimes whitewashed, but he’s not a great prize.
  13. Which dictator would you rather live under?

    Lee Kuan Yew, though Tito is not bad.
  14. SOuth East Asian wars

    There’s much dispute over if the Indonesian Communists were responsible for the assassination at all. That they were caught completely surprised by the anti-Communist massacre and made no attempt to defend themselves give credence that their leadership was not involved. It seems more likely to...
  15. Most exotic plausible World War 2 standard-issue weapons?

    The recoilless guns wasted a lot of propellent but the PAW 600 was a totally different system. It has recoil just less. The ammunition actually use less propellent. It ignites inside a high pressure chamber in the case then fill the case with low pressure gas, at which point the projectile is...
  16. Most exotic plausible World War 2 standard-issue weapons?

    The German PAW 600 anti tank gun could have been invented earlier. It’s much cheaper to make than conventional guns as it uses the high-low pressure case system. The same principle behind the M79 grenade launcher, which could also make an earlier introduction.
  17. SOuth East Asian wars

    The Indonesian communists were unusual in being and unarmed communist movement. Had they organized their own militia Indonesia would have descended into civil war when Sukharno massacred them. Thailand and Vietnam had a cold war that never went hot. If it did it would be supported by US and...
  18. Would a delayed age of exploration lead to asian settlers in the americas?

    No. There were lots of land in Asia that were sparsely populated. The Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia had quite low populations. Then there’s Australia, which would surely be discovered before the Americas. If Japan for example wanted to colonize, Kamchatka is nearby and very suitable. Even if...
  19. Austronesians settle South Africa

    In the modern world the choice of crop is more about competitiveness rather than whether it’s viable at all. Idaho only grow potatoes and Iowa only grow corn even though they can still achieve good yields if they switched crops. According to this, rice can be a major crop for South Africa...
  20. Austronesians settle South Africa

    Didn’t know humid subtropical in French is Chinese. The first settlers in Madagascar brought rice with them. It’s their main crop, not taro or breadfruit. Should be no problem in the “Chinois” parts of the Cape. If they introduced rice to West Africa it would greatly increase food production there.