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  1. If the Cuban Missile Crisis became nuclear war, which large cities would survive?

    I am a bit puzzled over what the alleged target is in north-central Nebraska. Ain't much in the way of targets up there.
  2. Voices of Doomsday

    Well, it's not as if it takes a high level of civilization or technology to support some sort of book-printing trade. I mean, by 1700 there were enough books produced in Europe that - if evenly distributed - every single inhabitant could have had at least one or two.
  3. Voices of Doomsday

    Though it seems to be something of an article of faith in some quarters that nuclear winter wouldn't be as bad as various predictions have suggested, there have been a number of studies in recent years which tend to support the idea that it would be very bad indeed. There's this 2007 paper...
  4. In Their Ruin

    Just to give some perspective here: The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 888.67 on 20 August 1968. A 110-point drop would represent a drop of 12.3%, very close to that which occurred on Black Monday - October 28, 1929, when the market dropped 12.82%.
  5. Protect & Survive - The Visitors

    Oh, well done indeed. Keep 'em coming.
  6. Land of Flatwater: Protect and Survive Middle America

    I've picked up KDKA at night on a car radio, and I'm in Nebraska. So...yeah. ;)
  7. Land of Flatwater: Protect and Survive Middle America

    "It was five to one. I got four!" :D
  8. The Last Flight of XM594 - A P&S Spin-off.

    Wasn't the scenario on OTB centered around the massive use of cobalt-salted weapons? I mean, yeah, fallout falls out, but Cobalt-60 is nasty shit. Put enough into the atmosphere, and everyone is going to get a dose. As for how realistic the scenario itself is, I can't comment much, given my...
  9. Pro Aris et Pro Focis (P&S: New York City)

    (Trying to stay at least somewhat on-topic here; I'll only address the story-specific parts of the post - JQ) Eh...the attack's just happened. Give it time. This is a criticism that attends in the "The Day After vs. Threads" debate, too. What the debate fails to recognize is that a...
  10. Protect and Survive related--why I never made anything above Colonel

    See, and here I was thinking when you said "political" you meant like "inside-baseball military political." Sounds to me like someone was laying for you, waiting for a "mistake" they could spin into A Problem. Maybe I'm wrong. (...) That is a steaming crock of shit, the way you...
  11. Protect and Survive: A Timeline

    I think that it'll probably be okay. Worst case, you could always put it in "When The Wind Blew". Don't think it'd be out of place there. Jason
  12. Pro Aris et Pro Focis (P&S: New York City)

    I don't agree with objection (A) at all. First of all, regardless of whether they stole the mine or not, it's basically her shelter. Also, someone is going to need to be in charge, and try to keep things coherent and directed towards survival. If you have a group - especially a large one -...
  13. Land of Flatwater: Protect and Survive Middle America

    Would that I wasn't busier than crap this weekend; I'd offer to buy you beer(s).
  14. Protect and Survive: A Timeline

    Well...if you don't wanna put the story up here, there are certainly other forums on this site that such a story would be most fitting...:D PS: If you're still near OF, I'd be happy to buy you a cold beverage of your choosing.
  15. Atomic War in the 80s

    You forgot about Whiteman AFB. A target now, but then...jeebus. The base itself, plus 150 Minuteman II silos scattered between KC and Jefferson City. Bend over, put yer head between yer legs, and...
  16. High-Altitude EMP Effects in a Computer Age Nuclear War

    I am aware of this, which is why I was careful to specify high-altitude EMP. This conforms with the reading I've done on the subject. Sort of. One paper I've read (see pg. D-7) suggests that a large burst at 400km altitude would cover the majority of CONUS with a field strength of 25,000...
  17. High-Altitude EMP Effects in a Computer Age Nuclear War

    That's my concern. Incidentally, I was reading a bit on the PINCH devices and came across this link, wherein the folks at Sandia National Lab are discussing their PINCH device, apparently the most powerful in the world (the article is in reference to the Ocean's Eleven remake.) It's a damned...
  18. High-Altitude EMP Effects in a Computer Age Nuclear War

    I should clarify...I was referring to the effects on civilian systems, particularly power distribution and computers. I'm aware that most military/government assets are hardened to one degree or another.
  19. High-Altitude EMP Effects in a Computer Age Nuclear War

    So, over in the thread Atomic War In The 80s, there was some discussion of EMP, which I think merits its own thread, as it's so often brought up in these sorts of threads. I've quoted a post by SergeantHeretic as an example of what gripes me, though I swear I'm not trying to pick on anyone)...