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  1. Eivind

    Why did Lithuania remain Pagan long after the rest of Europe became Christian?

    As the title says. Why did other parts of Europe give up their old religion, while Lithuania resisted Christianity for centuries? Some regions became Christian by conquest, while others, like e.g. Scandinavia, became Christian after their monarchs converted.
  2. Eivind

    The forces of Guthrum wins at Edington (878)

    What could be some short- and long-term scenarios for South-Britain following a Danish victory at the battle of Edington?
  3. Eivind

    WI: The newly arrived Jews in Palestine chose Arab as lingua franca?

    The Zionist movement lead to an increase in Jewish immigration to Palestine beginning in the late 1800s. How plausible is it that Arab could have been chosen as lingua franca? The original Zionist movement was not particularly religious. An argument for choosing Arab as their language would be...
  4. Eivind

    Egypt wank, POD: 1800

    With a POD no earlier than 1800, make Egypt as powerful as possible.
  5. Eivind

    WI: Andrew Johnson never becomes president of the United States?

    There are various scenarios here. 1) Lincoln chooses Hannibal Hamlin or another Republican as vice president. In this scenario there are two sub-scenarios: Either Lincoln gets killed or he does not. 2) A somewhat later POD: Andrew Johnson is chosen as vice president, but he never becomes...
  6. Eivind

    WI:Mark Antony and Cleopatra wins the final war against Octavian?

    Assuming that Octavian is killed in the battle, what would be the consequences of this? Would Antony remain in Egypt or go back to Rome? His relationship with Cleopatra was very unpopular in Rome. Would he end it in order to avoid rebellion and the rise of other rivals?
  7. Eivind

    WI:Stalin decides that Poland shall keep its pre-WW2 borders?

    The idea is that Stalin decides that it is not in his interest to create an ethnically more heterogenous Poland by moving Poles from areas that OTL what taken from Poland and given to the Soviet Union to areas OTL taken from Germany and given to Poland. Instead he decides that the former German...
  8. Eivind

    Protestantism becomes stronger in France during the Reformation.

    France gradually strengthened its central power during the late middle ages and early modern times. But what if Protestantism/the Hugenotes became a stronger force than in OTL? In OTL there was a civil war in the latter half of the sixteenth century.What if the Hugenots managed to create a...
  9. Eivind

    Sassanid wank POD no earlier than 600 AD

    With a POD no earlier than 600 AD wank the Sassanid Empire and Zarathustrianism as much as possible.
  10. Eivind

    WW1: Central Powers victory: How long will the Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary last?

    Would these two empires disintegrate sooner or later anyway or could they manage too last? What would be the internal political developments in the three main central powers? In OTL, Germany saw a period of democracy followed by the world´s worst regime so far, before it gradually developed in a...
  11. Eivind

    Chronicles vs annals

    Not sure if this is the forum, but it definitely does not belong to after 1900, so I try here. Can anyone give a good explanation of the difference between chronicles and annals? From what I understand, they are both historical records in which events are arranged chronologically. I think I...
  12. Eivind

    Finnic kingdom by 1000 AD

    How likely is a medieval Finnic kingdom centered around the Gulf of Finland? POD after 800 AD. The area was strategically important as it was close to the Russian rivers were the Vikings OTL went towards Constantinople and founded Kievan Rus. The kingdom could have its origin in Swedish Vikings...
  13. Eivind

    No Nyköping Banquet

    The Nyköping Banquet was an event in 1317, where King Birger of Sweden imprisoned his two brothers and then let them starve to death in the prison. The following year, king Birger lost the power in a coup and went into exile in Denmark, while his son was killed. After an interregnum, his nephew...
  14. Eivind

    Wessex screw POD 900

    With a POD no earlier than 900, screw Wessex as much as possible. What would be the consequences?
  15. Eivind

    Northumbria and Danelaw

    I notice that on maps of Britain during the viking age, the northern part of Northumbria is not considered part of Danelaw. Didn´t the Viking conquer this area? I was under the impression that only Wessex and the parts of Mercia that was south of Watling Street remained under Anglosaxon control.
  16. Eivind

    WI: Caesar names Mark Antony his heir.

    What would be the most important butterflies? I assume that Octavian would never be an important figure if Caesar had named Antony rather than him as his heir. Would Antony have been assassinated, just like Caeasar? It seems like the republic was already doomed, even though Caesars assassinators...
  17. Eivind

    Calvinist Catalonia?

    Was there ever a possibility of Calvinism flourishing in Catalonia? Catalonia was the most capitalist part of Spain, and Calvinism seems to be linked to groups like merchants and traders.
  18. Eivind

    Would a protestant reformation have been possible without the threat from the Ottoman Empire?

    A possible POD here might have been around 1400, with a longer living Timur, who destroyed the Ottomans sufficiently to stop them from rebuilding their empire. If we assume that an ATL reformation had been attempted at about the same time as in OTL, that in the first half of the 1500s, what...
  19. Eivind

    How many poles compared to other people lived in the area Poland lost after WW2?

    How many Poles compared to other people lived in the area Poland lost after WW2? Were they all expelled? Were they the only Poles that moved into the areas Poland received from Germany, or did people from other parts of Poland move in as well. How many Poles moved into the new Polish area...
  20. Eivind

    Longer Spanish Civil War

    If we assume that Germany attacks Poland at roughly the same time as in OTL, what effect would this have on Spain if the Civil War was still going on? Would Spain be dragged into WW2? The republican government would clearly have an interest in this, as it might mean military help from the allied...