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  1. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

  2. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    this post wasn't trademarked.
  3. WI: Lunar Water discovered during Apollo?

    Link please. EDIT:Nevermind.
  4. A Man is Finished When He Quits - The Presidency of Richard M. Nixon (Redux)

    It isn't a necro until it's more than 3 months since the last post.
  5. Right Side Up: A History of the Space Transportation System

    This thread is the first tl to hit me right in the feels at the end there, and I've read tls on nuclear wars. This was a great timeline.
  6. Better dead than red.

    Better dead than red.
  7. A Man is Finished When He Quits - The Presidency of Richard M. Nixon (Redux)

    Progress update please. EDIT:As in what are you doing now, how far are you into the next story update, etc.
  8. Because why not?

    Because why not?
  9. WW3 1962 - Recovery Time?

    That is very good to know and is useful for this thread. I shall bookmark it.
  10. Time to go pirate some old mecha anime.

    Time to go pirate some old mecha anime.
  11. A New Balance

    Fair enough.
  12. A New Balance

    Wrong. Battlecruisers would be CC, not BC(at least in the US). BC would be for "large cruisers". (BC, big cruiser, get it?)
  13. 9/11 Goes Nuclear: A Collaborative Timeline

    No, someone was using the Negev (it has a 150 round magazine).
  14. AIM-54 Phoenix the ACWAS killer?

    I don't know, good question. EDIT:First. Also I added a period where I forgot to put one.
  15. No US entry into WWI, what happens?

    I believe that no one would win, but Russia would be the biggest loser. Am I right or wrong?
  16. No W-An Alternate 2000s TL

    It could be a deleted scene. EDIT:It could be a scene the network(I don't know if that is the right word for it, I mean companies like Universal, or 20th Century Fox.)tried to force into it.
  17. No W-An Alternate 2000s TL

    I love it. Watched.