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  1. Tony Crosland lives?

    I've always thought it a shame that Tony Crosland never saw the rise of New Labour; it would have been interesting to see his reaction. But, say his 1977 stroke is ignored and he lives on; where can his own career go from there? There were rumours at him being moved to the Treasury, and from...
  2. 2010 US Presidential Election

    I'm still not really sure about "President Walken" - he was acting president only, and those Vice President's who have become acting president still remain "Mr Vice President" or "Vice President Cheney".
  3. 2010 US Presidential Election

    Henry Reed Promises to Give Mayoral Salary to Charity Ben Stanley Once again, Henry Reed trots out his tireless gimmick; that he will give "the proceeds to charity". His autobiography, his book of collected speeches, his "tell-all" account of the way local government really operates (and no...
  4. "The end of the Conservative Party as a credible force?"

    See, I'd be inclined to agree, but there is the precedent of the Canadian PCs. Obviously, you'd need a British analogue of Reform, which could be harder to make. If a far more "wet" liberal PM succeeded Thatcher, maybe earlier in her premiership, could you have got that? Or am I grasping at straws?
  5. "The end of the Conservative Party as a credible force?"

    On the night of the 1997 election, Paxman asked Portillo "are we seeing the end of the Conservative Party as a credible force in British politics?" Is there any way the answer to that question could have been "yes"?
  6. 2010 US Presidential Election

    Who is this Peter Manchester? :D
  7. 2010 US Presidential Election

    From a speech to the Reform Society, by the Rt Hon. James Taylor MP ... Fourteen years ago, Ricky Meyer was swept to power promising, amongst many other things, reform of our political system. But his reforms were botched and shallow, change for change's sake. Nowhere has the Labour approach to...
  8. 2010 US Presidential Election

    Heya; I realise that my contributions have become steadily more sporadic as of late. I've written long passages and then lost interest half way through, and never finished them. There are a number of reasons for this, but they mostly boil down to apathy with a number of things. So, for the...
  9. 2010 US Presidential Election

    A Christmas Cheer in the Polls for Green Two polls out today, one covering the electorate for the London Mayoral election and one the general election electorate both show a slightly increased Labour lead. London Poll Gerald Fox, Labour 31% Henry Reed, Con 26.0% Ben Stanley, Ind, 23.0%...
  10. 2010 US Presidential Election

    I am aware that most of the Studio 60 actors have appeared in The West Wing as well, but so what? That's kind of the point. Think of it as an alternate universe Studio 60 if you want, just as we have had (real-world) celebrity appearances who recognise Barlet as President in The West Wing.
  11. 2010 US Presidential Election

    Ray Sullivan to Appear on "Studio 60" Governor and Republican presidential candidate Ray Sullivan is to make a brief appearance on the hit NBS sketch/variety show Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. The Governor will introduce the show with the signature line "Live from Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip...
  12. 2010 US Presidential Election

    From the Daily Telegraph, Tuesday 15th December The Future of Progressive Politics Peter Kennedy Recently, James Taylor claimed that “Progressive Conservatism”, as he called it, had eclipsed Thatcherism as the dominant political ideology in the Conservative Party. This “Progressive...
  13. 2010 US Presidential Election

    Samuels to Head Tory Commission on Lords Reform The Leader of the Opposition, James Taylor, has today announced the formation of a new commission to review Conservative policy for reform of the House of Lords at CCHQ. The announcement has been expected for some time, but somewhat suprising is...
  14. 2010 US Presidential Election

    Peter Kennedy: A debate on electoral reform is essential The Deputy Prime Minister Peter Kennedy has said that a debate on potential replacements for the FPTP electoral system currently used for general elections to the House of Commons is "essential to the future of progressive politics". The...
  15. 2010 US Presidential Election

    Yeah.... it was a rhetorical question actually...... :D And I realise Major was approached and turned it down; pity, as a Major fan, I'd have liked him to take the offer. And yes, I expect the NPP to put up a candidate, but probably a little closer to the poll, as they don't have a primary to...
  16. 2010 US Presidential Election

    Henry Reed to Stand for London Mayor Conservative leader James Taylor has today announced that former prime minister Henry Reed will contest the 2010 London Mayoral election, due to be held in May next year, after being selected by a ballot of Conservative Party members in London. Also...
  17. 2010 US Presidential Election

    Maureen Graty To Seek Re-election as MP After the decision to resign as Conservative Party leader in the aftermath of the 2007 election defeat, former prime minister Maureen Graty initially stated that she would leave frontline politics, and not seek re-election in her Hendon South constituency...
  18. 2010 US Presidential Election

    Who is Lord Schofield? Surely Vinick's counterpart would be Malcolm Cutter, as Foreign Secretary. Richard Samuels
  19. AH Challenge/Question: English Assembly/Parliament

    With a point of divergence after the 1990s Conservative leadership election (but including a change to the result), is it plausible to have any kind of devolved English government by the present day?
  20. 2010 US Presidential Election

    Some (very arbitrary) thoughts on actors: James Taylor Henry Reed In 1994: And now: Let me know your thoughts.