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  1. WI Leningrad Nuclear Plant instead of Chernobyl

    Leningrad Nuclear Plant uses the same RBMK design, with the same flaws that Chernobyl had. So what if the circumstances of the Chernobyl accident occurred at the Leningrad plant instead.
  2. AHC: Ellen Fairclough as Prime Minister of Canada

    Is there any plausible way for Ellen Fairclough, who was the first female cabinet minister in Canada and held the post of Acting Prime Minister for one day in 1958 to become the leader of the Progressive Conservatives and Prime Minister in her own right?
  3. Plausibility: Venetian Colony in America

    Would it be possible for the Venetian Republic to establish an American colony. If not Venice could any other Italian state do it? And where would be the best location for a thriving Italian colony?
  4. Rosa Luxemburg in the DDR

    If Rosa Luxemburg survived the Spartacist uprising and fled to the USSR. If she survived the World War II, would she have been in line for a leadership position in East Germany?
  5. WI Tito and Stalin have each other Assassinated

    The enmity between these two is well known and Stalin had allegedly sent assassins to deal with Tito before. So what if during the informbiro era they both send agents to kill the other one. And both succeed with the mission. What happens next?
  6. UK invoked Article Five during Falklands Invasion

    What it says on the tin, what if the UK formally declared war on Argentina and invoked Article 5 during the Falklands invasion. Was this even considered and if it happened would it have been answered with force by NATO? And if it hadn’t what would have been the consequences vis a vis the Cold...
  7. WI: President Donna Shalala

    During the 1996 State of the union the Health and Human Services Secretary was the designated survivor. What if something happened to the the capital (let’s say two scenarios, one an act of god: a meteor nobody saw blows us the capitol but it’s small enough to leave the rest of Washington...
  8. WI One of the hijackers exposes 9/11 plot

    From Wikipedia: So what if Jarrah was actually reticent and not only withdrew from the plot but attempted to turn in his compatriots, could it still have been prevented reasonably or would he have been ignored?
  9. AHC: Israel in the non-aligned movement.

    I've seen threads that speculate about a Soviet backed Israel as opposed to an American backed one. But what about the third option. Is there any POD that could see Israel join the non-aligned movement or even replace Egypt as one of the founding nations?
  10. WI Damascus Titan Accident resulted in Warhead Detonation

    In the 80s a socket fell during maintenance rupturing an aero zone fuel tank ultimately resulting in an explosion: The W53 was a 9 megaton warhead, the most powerful in the arsenal. What would happen if the safety features failed and the warhead detonated.
  11. What if Yuri Gagarin landed in North America?

    What if on his spaceflight, for whatever reason something went wonky and Gagarin made his (safe) re-entry somewhere in North America. Let's say somewhere remote, so right outside of Yellowknife, NT. What happens next?
  12. WI Tito's Funeral Bombed

    Josip Broz Tito had one of the largest gathering of world leaders at his funeral. What if the bleachers where all the invited guests had bombs planted underneath. As I understand there was something like 120 heads of state, heads of government, foreign ministers and other guests. As for who...
  13. WI Yugoslavia Partitioned in 1945

    In the percentages agreement between Stalin and Churchill, Yugoslavia was agreed to be split 50/50 between east and west. So let's say Tito dies sometime during the war and the agreement goes ahead as planned with Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia forming "West Yugoslavia" and Serbia, Macedonia and...
  14. WI: Lib Dems not in coalition in 2010.

    Instead, what if they offered a supply and confidence arrangement and they remain in opposition. Would there have been an earlier election than 2015? And would the Lib Dems have lost as badly in the OTL if they weren't seen as part of the Conservative government?
  15. Fascist Allies, Democratic and Communist Axis

    What it says on the tin, with a post WWI scenario have the same players with inverted ideologies. You may or may not omit Japan if it's not feasible. Is this at all plausible?
  16. AHC: Earlier Young Leadership for the USSR

    One thing about Gorbachev was that he was younger (relatively) than the three leaders that preceded him. Is there any younger people who could have taken over the CPSU in place of Brezhnev however? If so, who's the best candidate? Whether hardline or reformer.
  17. WI 1998 World Cup Final: Yugoslavia vs. Croatia

    The only way the two sides could meet would be at the final given how the round of 16 turned out. So what would happen if that actually was the final match? Right after the Yugoslav wars, with the wounds still fresh.
  18. McCarthyism in a US/Nazi Cold War

    In a US/Nazi Cold War scenario would there be a reverse red scare? Would right wing groups be under as much suspicion as left wing groups were OTL. The committee which McCarthy used to pursue communist fifth columnists was started to fight fascism so who would be the left wing McCarthy and what...
  19. WI: Victorious Nazism fell like Communism

    What would be the end result of a victorious Nazi Germany following the Soviet model of collapse. Perhaps after Hitler it mellows out (a la Khrushchev thaw), followed by re instigated repression and finally stagnation and collapse. What would be the result of finding evidence of the Holocaust...
  20. If Cheney wasn't Veep, would Bush have been impeached?

    One of the things I remember hearing about most often when the thought of impeachment (or assassination, but that's a whole other can of worms) would come up against GWB is that it was undesirable because if it succeeded it would end with president Cheney. So if George W. had a more palatable...