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  1. Congress of Vienna Punishes France

    WI, rather than restoring and maintaining the balance of power in Europe, the Congress of Vienna decides to enact punitive measures against France, forcing the French government to pay repairations and to surrender more of its territory. What then transpires?
  2. FLag Continuation Game

    Then why would the motto say "Not the Moon, but the New Earth?" The implication would be that the moon is the new earth.
  3. FLag Continuation Game

    If you don't mind, I added a little something
  4. Flag Thread II

    Some sort of Nordic flag. Has a bit of a fascist flair to it in my opinion.
  5. Flag Thread II

    Sorry, but it Says NVMQVAM SERVI (Numquam Servi) not NVMQVAM SAVVE (Numquam Sauve).
  6. Flag Thread II

    I don't know what I meant this to be. Tell me what you think it is! :)
  7. Flag Thread II

    I actually tried to make one a while back. Here it is.
  8. Photos from Alternate Worlds

    and another
  9. Photos from Alternate Worlds

    Here's an alternate Wiki table (not very good, I know).
  10. Alternate Political Parties

    Name: Serbian Orthodox Socialist Union (Serbische Orthodoxe Sozialistische Union/ Српска Православна Социјалистиццке уније) Nation: The Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary Founding: 1899 (110 years) Ideology: Christian Socialism, Serbian Nationalism Overview: The Serbian Orthodox Socialist Union...
  11. Mohammed Makes Islam a form of Judaism

    WI instead of creating an entirely new religion, Mohammed ties his religious theories into Judaism. Thus Islam develops as a form of Judaism, albeit a more Arab form. How does this change Middle Eastern history?
  12. Alternate Political Parties

    Name: Arab Socialist Nationalist Party (الحزب القومي العربي الاشتراكي) Nation: United Arab Republic (not the OTL version, this one has Jordan and Lebanon) Founding: 1962 (unofficial) (47 years)/ 1970 (official) (39 years) Ideology: Arab National Socialism (ATL) (It's kinda like Nazism, but...
  13. Rank Insignia and Uniforms Thread

    Uniforms for a nation I made up during a game of Risk The Uniforms of the Second Kingdom of Rufaria (1993-Present) and People's Rufarian Republic (1927-1993) (Yes, I know that the "Committe On Public Safety" has a similar name to a period of government during the French Revolution and makes...
  14. Map Continuation 3 - Map 1 - Europe

    I claim the Kingdom of Kiev
  15. Hannibal recieves reenforcements

    WI Hasdrubal had successfully crossed the Alps, and had delivered his reenforcements to Hannibal's main force?
  16. No Swedish Period

    WI after the defeat of King Christian IV of Denmark in the Danish Period of the Thirty Years War, Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden had not lead his troops into Northern Germany?
  17. A Blank Map Thread

    Does anyone have a map of the German states during the late Danish period or early Swedish period of the Thirty Years War? (It would be nice if they could be colored by which was Catholic and which Protestant)
  18. A Flag Thread

    Flag of the Byzantine Army, adopted by Emperor Andrinkos VI in 1893
  19. Map Thread IV

  20. Flag Challenge: The Flag of

    I had Proposed this. The Two Constellations represent that our membership streches across the world, from North to South. The red stripe represents the new board (red symbolizing life and vitality). The white stripe represents the old board (white showing that it no longer has that life and...