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  1. Favorite Over The Top Propaganda in History

    This one is really over the top!
  2. Favorite Over The Top Propaganda in History

    Some US anti-communist propaganda -
  3. Favorite Over The Top Propaganda in History

    World War I was also good for over-the-top propaganda! Somewhat ironically, WWI propaganda in the USA at least was much more anti-German ( as opposed to anti-Nazi) than the WWII propaganda was!
  4. Look to the West Volume V: To Dream Again

    Couple more comments: In the early 19th century New Spain looked like it was on its way to becoming a major power, but I can see that this was not to be. :frown: Now, its successors in Mexico and Central America look like prime targets for the Societists who control almost all of South America...
  5. Look to the West Volume V: To Dream Again

    I vaguely remember that poster, mostly as Eurofed - I guess there are some exceptions. Thinking about it some more, I guess quite a few people in OTL who think that their culture is superior to others might also think that the world would be better if everyone just did things their way. Very...
  6. Look to the West Volume V: To Dream Again

    ...that each have their own bias. One text stated that nuclear [carytic?] weapons had been used more than 40 times in several different wars - holy s**t! On the other hand there seems to be a general agreement to not use them against cities and actual arsenals and delivery systems seem much...
  7. US acquires Cuba in 1850s by purchase or war - plausible or not?

    Excellent post! I agree totally - a push to acquire Cuba by war would only happen if the Kansas-Nebraska Act can be avoided. The Black Warrior incident followed by unleashing more filibuster expeditions could definitely lead to war. Question is - would the US win a war? I know nothing about...
  8. US acquires Cuba in 1850s by purchase or war - plausible or not?

    I've been doing some reading about the history of slavery in the United States and the debate that it generated, and one thing that gets mentioned a lot but is never gone into in depth is the desire of many white Americans from the slave states, and some from the free states as well, to acquire...
  9. Could Charles V have partitioned things differently?

    Definitely better for Spain in the long run, without the huge expense of fighting the Netherlands rebels. If butterflies mean that Henri II of France isn't killed in a jousting accident, France might have stronger leadership in the later 16th century and start challenging the Spanish in Italy...
  10. Return of Horrible Educational Maps

    Well, I'll bet Stalin would have loved for the USSR to have those borders!
  11. AHC: U.S. in Vietnam-like conflict

    Possible, but from what I've read Eisenhower was pretty determined not to get US troops involved long term in Lebanon. Congo seems like a distinct possibility. In the USA, being involved in a war against an African enemy is likely to exacerbate racial tensions beyond even what they were in the...
  12. AHC: Establish a large predator species in the New World

    Well, predators like lions and tigers are obviously a big threat to both people and livestock, plus it would probably take a dedicated and expensive program to establish them, so this is kind of unlikely. Maybe if a groups of wealthy aristocrats wants to establish them so they could hunt them...
  13. TL 191: Where Did It Go Wrong?

    I don't think the first is that implausible - it's certainly what the US government feared the most and the CS government hoped for the most. Agreed on the readability part.
  14. Return of Horrible Educational Maps

    New York and Washington look really close to their actual locations, but every other city looks at least 100 miles or so off.
  15. Return of Horrible Educational Maps

    It looks like almost every city is at least a little bit out of place, though some are much worse than others, such as Charlotte apparently being in West Virginia.
  16. AHC/WI: An alternative Elitist religion for Medieval Europe?

    I would think this religion would be pretty unstable, with lots of revolts and "heretical" movements that promised eternal life to at least some of the commoners. In OTL the monotheistic religions basically got people to agree to great inequality in this world by promising that one's...
  17. AHC/WI: Decisive UK victory in the war of 1812

    The British could take all the territory in the map, but a lot of it would almost certainly end up being settled by people from the USA. The USA had a huge demographic explosion in the late 18th/early 19th century, the biggest proportionally in its history - and that's just counting the natural...
  18. What if the Right of Secession had been made explicitly and clearly legal in the U.S. constitution?

    I don't think it would have necessarily caused the USA to fall apart quickly but it would definitely lead to a weaker federal government if states could threaten to leave whenever they didn't like what the federal government was doing. Still, I think that states probably wouldn't be as quick to...
  19. Return of Horrible Educational Maps

    That sounds like the outcome to an interesting, if improbable, timeline.
  20. Thoughts about the conclusions this thesis draws on the plausibility of Mongol conquest of Europe?

    Yes, it would really surprise me if the Mongols had never encountered counterweight trebuchets before - I thought they had been invented in China! If I'm wrong about that, though, and they were only found in Europe and the Levant, then perhaps they had never encountered them before, since, they...