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  1. Laqueesha

    Small scale nuclear wars that could have happened?

    That map is a bit sus, since Kimchaek is named after a North Korean general (old name was Songjin).
  2. Laqueesha

    Small scale nuclear wars that could have happened?

    India and Pakistan in February 2019, during the border skirmishes.
  3. Laqueesha

    A24's Civil War

    I take it the COVID-19 pandemic never happens here either? Considering the 2020 riots don't happen, it being an outgrowth of it. Expect a lot of more wars. Everybody with a bone to pick with a neighbor's probably finna make a move. Iran and the KSA, Moscow and the Baltics/Poland, the Koreas...
  4. Laqueesha

    A Map Shitpost Thread

    I guess Ryuku would be the Channel Islands here? Here's my North American take on it:
  5. Laqueesha

    A Map Shitpost Thread

    Last I checked, Mexico is just ever-so slightly less obese than the U.S.
  6. Laqueesha

    A Map Shitpost Thread

    She's been Piet Mondrianized.
  7. Laqueesha

    A Map Shitpost Thread

    Obesity, to be precise.
  8. Laqueesha

    Video games from alternate worlds

    What if, the N64's production run lasted until 2008 instead of concluding in 2002:
  9. Laqueesha

    AHQ: Canadian states and their names?

    Maybe BC could just straight-up be merged into Washington state, a la East Germany into the FRG c. 1990. Resultant population would be around 12-13 million. Big, but not humongously so like say a California or a Texas. Or maybe the name could be kept. A lot of East Coast places are named after...
  10. Laqueesha

    Wasteland Memories: Photos from the Fallout Universe

    NCR SOF outside Boulder City, c. 2281
  11. Laqueesha

    Stalin renames Tallinn

    After Estonian independence and statehood is restored in the early 1990s it gets renamed back to its pre-Soviet name, the end.
  12. Laqueesha

    World War Z ( my overview timeline)

    I think the panic begins in 2011, since Nelson Mandela is still alive and the Rugby World Cup is going on when the SHTF (2011 was the last one held before his death).
  13. Laqueesha

    Could ATGMs and A-10s stop a Soviet tank rush in the 1980s?

    Under controlled, ideal conditions, the cannon rounds of the A-10 should be able to penetrate weak spots of older Soviet tanks and score a catastrophic kill or two. Now, whether or not such opportunities will present themselves in real world conditions often enough to make a difference is...
  14. Laqueesha

    Post here historical leaders who were the first to be born in the country that they ruled over.

    Martin Van Buren, born in 1782, the US was founded in 1776. Park Geun-hye, born in 1952, South Korea was founded in 1948. Angela Merkel, born in 1954, the FRG was founded in 1949. None for unified Germany yet (which is essentially just an enlarged FRG anyway). R. B. Bennett of Canada, born in...
  15. Laqueesha

    Post here historical leaders who were of an ethnic minority (or foreign ethnic group) from the country that they ruled over.

    Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the UK, who is partly of Turkish descent. Not historical (unless you count the brief prime ministership and 2000s tenure), but an urban legend posits that Vladimir Putin is rumored to be of Georgian descent. Yup, I think every US president aside from Van...
  16. Laqueesha

    Post here historical leaders who were of an ethnic minority (or foreign ethnic group) from the country that they ruled over.

    Jean Chrétien of Canada. Quebecois leader of a nominally bilingual but de facto Anglophone nation. Martin Van Buren of the United States, of Dutch descent, who make up less than 0.95% of the US today, not sure what the percentage was then. Kim Jong-il of North Korea, kinda. He was a...
  17. Laqueesha

    Photos from Alternate Worlds II

    Composite satellite imagery showing fires raging across the Indian subcontinent after Pakistan and India nuked each other in a full-scale exchange in February 2019.
  18. Laqueesha

    Photos from World War Z

    Devastation in Canada:
  19. Laqueesha

    Challenge: More modern Continental Microstates in Asia, Africa, and the Americas

    Them small islands off the West Coast of North America (Vancouver Island, Santa Catalina, et. al.) could be microstates.