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  1. SlyDessertFox

    How long the WRE would had survived?

    Unscathed? Not very long. But survive and survive with all its territory intact are two different things (as evidenced by the fact that the Roman Empire did in fact survive the 5th century and many more centuries beyond). There's no reason that it cannot go on existing indefinitely, waxing and...
  2. SlyDessertFox

    Romulus Augustulus is not deposed by Odoacer and rules into adulthood

    A lot of contingent circumstances had to happen for Zeno IOTL to resort to telling Theodoric "please fuck off to Italy" so that probably does not happen ITTL.
  3. SlyDessertFox

    What was the actual state of the Western Roman Army of 410-476?

    They would have seen themselves as part of a professional Roman army as opposed to the more semi independent barbarian armies that also existed at the time. This is what separates Theodoric's Ostrogoths from Odovacer's personal rule in Italy. One was operating as a semi-autonomous separate...
  4. SlyDessertFox

    What was the actual state of the Western Roman Army of 410-476?

    The Roman army was not as barbarized as previously thought (though as Collondi pointed out, historians such as Guy Hasell have tracked how the army kind of barbarized itself. But that's another matter), but neither would "barbarization" have played a significant downfall in western Rome. The...
  5. SlyDessertFox

    Roman Optics?
  6. SlyDessertFox

    Fate of Caesar, Parthia, and Egypt with no civil war?

    Even with the alliance with Pompey, I think people have an assumption that the First Triumvirate was this unstoppable political juggernaut, when it was actually fairly vulnerable. Caesar didn't have to deal with the (metaphorical) political bloodbath unfolding in Rome after his consulship, but...
  7. SlyDessertFox

    What if Rome Never Rose?

    Messana was also independent, but regardless, Carthage had been fighting an on-again-off-again war for hegemony with Syracuse for two centuries by the start of the 1st Punic War, and are only a decade or so removed from nearly losing the entire island to Pyrrhus. Carthaginian hegemony over...
  8. SlyDessertFox

    Hanoverians language skills?

    Well, we have letters to and from George III written in German, so I should assume he at least understood the language, even if he didn't speak it.
  9. SlyDessertFox

    Nero has an heir

    I think you're looking at a very different conspiracy and rebellion for one. Galba claiming the throne for himself was possible in part because there were no other Julio-Claudians around to rally behind. Perhaps the plot is to kill Nero's son along with him, but then you run into the very same...
  10. SlyDessertFox

    AHQ: Roman Armada of 468 reconquers north Afric from the vandals, what now?

    Frankish Gaul clearly operated as something new and distinct, and more importantly, the Romano-Gauls themselves understood it as such. There was no imperial legitimacy granted to Clovis, he was operating as a barbarian king one that ruled over and on behalf of Romans but as separate from them...
  11. SlyDessertFox

    AHQ: Roman Armada of 468 reconquers north Afric from the vandals, what now?

    Well it's less based on what historians say than what people who lived in Ostrogothic Italy said. They seemed to believe they were still living in the Roman Empire and make clear distinctions between them and the areas lost in the previous century to the Vandals, Franks, etc. To understand why...
  12. SlyDessertFox

    AHQ: Roman Armada of 468 reconquers north Afric from the vandals, what now?

    Yeah, again, a lot of the way it's viewed now owes its origins to Justinian era ERE propaganda to justify his military adventure. Obviously the Ostrogoths are not quite the same, but it was, in effect, a civil war, and a quite minor one at that-Odoacer didn't survive, but once again the Roman...
  13. SlyDessertFox

    AHC: Create a Romance language

    Since this thread was recently revived I just saw this again and was thinking that this just likely means Aramaic continues to play the role that Greek supplanted it for.
  14. SlyDessertFox

    AHQ: Roman Armada of 468 reconquers north Afric from the vandals, what now?

    The western empire is not as weak as it seems. You have to remember, the state apparatus of the western empire kept existing well beyond the supposed "Fall" of the empire in 476. Both Odoacer and the Ostrogoths were essentially ruling the Western Roman Empire in all but official name-and in fact...
  15. SlyDessertFox

    For the Want of a Ram: The World of a Surviving Caesar

    I'm not the world's best map maker, but I can try my hand at it if nobody better volunteers.
  16. SlyDessertFox

    WI Valentinian I Lives Longer

    FWIW, Gratian was over eager to march immediately to Valens's aid with all the forces at his disposal-he was disuaded from doing so by advisors worried about the situation along the Rhine frontier, and then had to turn back anyway when the Rhine frontier erupted. The big change here is probably...
  17. SlyDessertFox

    What if Rome Never Rose?

    There is not really a reason for Carthage to start conquering Spain, a thing they only attempted to do in direct response to losing their productive/lucrative territories in western Sicily and Corsica. I'm not really sure how capable of conquering Sicily Carthage even is-they repeatedly failed...
  18. SlyDessertFox

    AHC and WI: Regulus takes Carthage in 255 BC

    Rome wanted to deal with Illyrian pirates (and the collapse in authority in Epirus that was a corollary to that) IOTL too, but that did not mean they interfered any further in Greek affairs until Philip V joined Hannibal's war. Absent that, the Romans do not have a serious reason to interfere in...
  19. SlyDessertFox

    Would Christianity Rise w/o Constantine?

    Depends on how you define "survived." Aquitanian likely survived into the middle ages.
  20. SlyDessertFox

    Battle of Actium ends in a decisive victory for Antony and Cleopatra and a catastrophic defeat for Octavian

    I think this is a bit of a misreading of the situation. Antony wasn't seriously propping up Caesarion as an actual alternative, he was throwing him up there as one of a million other propaganda tools and insults he was throwing up at the time to annoy Octavian and maybe sway another senator or...