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  1. IT question: When did it become impossible to stop the PC?

    ...ohhhhhh, so that's where the issue lied. I was going to include something akin to "if they were capable of patenting said stuff" in my opening post as well, but I thought it would be insane to think that they'd not be. Guess I was wrong, in a way.
  2. IT question: When did it become impossible to stop the PC?

    As it says in the title. The PC was introduced in the form of the IBM Model 5150 in 1981, and has since wiped out all credible competition except Apple's Mac(intosh) as a distant second. I (and I'd wager many other people as well) find this boring, so I began to think: what should have happened...
  3. YouTube Thumbnails from Alternate Worlds

    I don't get this one at all?
  4. TL-191: Filling the Gaps

  5. 1999: The Year All Hell Broke Loose (REDUX)

    I remember the original and liked it (even made some suggestions in the thread), so I'll certainly follow this as well.
  6. The Torch and the Eagle(What if the United States won the Cold War) (WORK IN PROGRESS)

    I get what you're going for (generally, not just with this), but this seems a bit too much a bit too soon. Compatibility issues caused by differing standards are very rarely smoothed over by a newcomer offering an alternative. Also, if Microsoft goes bankrupt in the 1990's, how can they release...
  7. In a world with no WW1, could Finland, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkestan, etc. ever gain independence from a surviving Russian Empire?

    This was actually contemplated in the OTL interwar era, so I don't think it's at all impossible.
  8. Frivolous WI: Video games in a victorious Nazi Germany

    Trau keinem Fuchs ("Trust No Fox") is a 1991 children's educational game published by the German Bureau for Electronic Entertainment. It is a loose adaptation of the 1936 book Trust No Fox on his Green Heath and No Jew on his Oath by Elvira Bauer. The player assumes the role of Max Dachshund, a...
  9. "Images of 1984" - Stories from Oceania

    Bruh, the thread has not had any replies for ten years.
  10. Bush,Congress,Cabinet killed in 9/11

    This. About the only way you can make the USA stop functioning is if you wipe out the executive branch, legislative branch and judicial branch on the federal level and most/all of them on state level. which point you also start to run into a catch-22: if you have the capability to do...
  11. NS Germany wins WWII and creates own neo pagan religion based on National Socialism: How would it have looked?

    This is a very unique take on this, good job. I can already imagine the Nazis eventually trying to suppress any and all information that any of their leaders ever subscribed to said belief. ...or maybe, for maximum irony points, they'd claim that the neo-Pagan stuff was smuggled into the...
  12. Which power would colonise/rule a non-Meiji Japan

    In an alternate world, Jules Brunet is known as the gaijin shogun in Japan.
  13. Oldest leader your country could have.

    Actually... 1. C. G. E. Mannerheim (1919–1951) 2. Urho Kaleva Kekkonen (1951–1981) [owing to the six-year cycle starting from 1951 and not 1944) 3. Paavo Väyrynen (1981–) Obviously this is more than a bit tongue-in-cheek, but still.
  14. Oldest leader your country could have.

    Yeah, I can't see Kekkonen making it past the scheduled end of his final term in 1984. Of the Finnish presidents, I think the only one who could have topped Kekkonen is Mannerheim, had he staged a coup in an alternate post-Civil War aftermath and ruled until his OTL death in 1951.
  15. PC: Transnarva Republic in Narva, Estonia

    The 1993 referendum takes place in 1991 instead? I mean, two years earlier the Estonian government would have been even less capable of exercising their authority, so Narva and Sillamäe probably easily could have broken off.
  16. Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg

    There are sites such as this that can do it online, but if it's a regular zip file (not .rar) then just right-click -> unzip should work. (I admit I haven't used Win11, but I can't imagine why they would've changed it)
  17. AHD: Georgian SSR secedes from the Soviet Union in the 1940s under Stalin

    Am I the only one who initially thought this would be about Georgia seceding with Stalin leading Georgia and not the USSR?
  18. Alt-History Aftermath Scenarios Implied by Media

    Any takers as to what would have happened after the end of the campaign in Age of Empires III? To recap, -- in Act I Morgan Black and his crew destroyed the Fountain of Youth and a Circle of Ossus base in Florida ca. 1566 -- in Act II the Black estate destroyed an advancing Russian/Circle of...
  19. For All Time: How did the North American Confederation come about?

    I have no idea what the deal with the NAC is either, though yes, I was aware of the Smith connection. As an aside, I recently made a thread about FaT myself, and even dabbled in creative writing myself in it. Might be worth checking out or not.