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  1. WI: Chile loses the war of the pacific

    I don't know. Is the army that competent? I of course can't be too sure about the Navy. I don't even know if we had a navy in the 1870s. :p
  2. WI the South American fascists had joined the Axis in WWII?

    I merged all the threads discussing this notion of South American in the Axis because I think stupid ideas are less harmful if they're all contained in one thread rather than spread over several through the years.
  3. Der Manstein Kommt Version 2.0

    Congratulations are in order. That was some good research, strong arguments and a well elaborated thesis, Phil.
  4. Indian Confederacy

    Learn how to deal with constructive criticism.
  5. No Reformation!

    Don't Spam, Dumbass.
  6. Idle Thoughts about an Argentine-Chilean war in 1901

    Well, that's 24+ hrs and so far we've got one detailed and well-written comment that was pertinent to one of the points of this thread, although not the main one, and another post that dealt with the main issue at hand, but on more general terms and with a conclusion that I believe might have...
  7. "Fight and be Right"

    The heads wouldn't appear to be so, if it was a lesser quality picture, I think. I'd also make it appear vintage.
  8. Superpower Empire: China

    Versions 1.0 and 2.0 merged.
  9. The realm of the Mountain

    Thanks guys. Well, this is hardly an empire to last on the long term. IOTL, Taiwan became a Qing dependency once again in the 1680s, after nearly 20 years of post-Koxinga independence. Besides the Fukien Ports, to which Coseng is attached as his family is from there IIRC, which are...
  10. The realm of the Mountain

    And now, the exciting conclusion of the Adventures of Captain Coxinga and the Pirates of Dongdu. *** Tungning/Dongdu/Formosa IV Coseng the Conqueror Panic and fear had been widespread in Manila, the capital of the Spanish Philippines, ever since the return of Friar...
  11. Italian Argentina

    According to that infallible bastion of intellectual integrity that is Wikipedia, at most Italians composed a 48% of immigrants in Argentina and a 12% of the total population in 1895, with over one million Italians living in Argentina, presumably in Buenos Aires and its surroundings. So no...
  12. On A Black Horse

    Entertaining. Little crazy tidbits like this are what makes these regimes interesting to watch and read about.
  13. Argentina less restrained during the Falklands War

    Rickshaw, stop trolling. Kicked for a week. The rest of you should be ashamed for feeding a troll. I oughta kick the lot of you, but I'm feeling lazy.
  14. Up With the Star: A different kind of Civil War ATL:

    Zack, I think it would be in your best interest to take a week off and reexamine your attitude problem. Cut it out with the trolling and the bizarre historical revisionism.
  15. Question about Britain, Germany, Portugal, Angola and Mozambique as seen from 1912

    If anything, it's an strategic location. Good place for a naval base/coaling station?
  16. Question about Britain, Germany, Portugal, Angola and Mozambique as seen from 1912

    I was thinking about a bigger share in Angola and/or Mozambique. Not sure about the value of Walvis Bay, British Somaliland or the south-eastern portion of New Guinea, but they could be seen as potential threats to British interests in case of war, especially Somaliland.
  17. Question about Britain, Germany, Portugal, Angola and Mozambique as seen from 1912

    Could Britain offer Germany land elsewhere instead of giving them potential bases in the Atlantic? France did the same, IIRC, giving Germany a considerable deal of land in the Congo in exchange of the Kaiser dropping his pretensions of messing with Morocco. If Britain was to made such...
  18. Question about Britain, Germany, Portugal, Angola and Mozambique as seen from 1912

    I'd just assume that Goa would go to Britain if such an agreement included Portuguese possessions in Asia. I think it would stand to reason to assume that: A. Britain's policy to contain Germany's naval capabilities in East Asia would include the Indian Ocean; B. That Britain would not...
  19. Question about Britain, Germany, Portugal, Angola and Mozambique as seen from 1912

    Something tells me that the British would not have allowed Macao to be German. Not sure about Portuguese Guinea.
  20. On A Black Horse

    Random thought: The International was mentioned early on, and of course Boulanger would have none of that crazy socialist nonsense in his great capital, but how does the Congress develop ITTL? Does the second International meet in London or Brussels? How do they react to Boulanger? (obviously...