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  1. Merrily We Roll Along: A Post-1969 History of Looney Tunes

    Assuming it's the same show, It's a tokusatsu show made by tsuburaya production in the early 70s, it similar to ultraman but with a more darker tone. I think it tekkaman and assuming it s the same show, it's a scifi superhero anime made by tatsunoko production in the 70s, from what I read...
  2. Epic Geek Battle: A Pop Culture TL

    June 12, 1973: Seeing the succes that toei kamen rider series is having in America and europe, tsuburaya productions decided to double down on it afford to market their ultra series world wide. As about this time, a thai movie director, sompote sands, whom decade earlier visit japan on a thai...
  3. Epic Geek Battle: A Pop Culture TL

    well United Artists did got the rights to ultraman, and dub the whole series, also they acquired the right to Ultra Q from cbs films, though they release only Ultraman since the series was in color and Q was in black and white, so they have experience in releasing tokusatsu shows here in the states.
  4. The Empires of the Rising Sun - an Ethiopia TL

    Just finished reading the first chapter and i like where this is going, can't wait to see where this go next.
  5. Too Sweet!: A WCW Survives Collaborative Timeline

    This have been a good timeline so far and it nice to see that wcw made it.
  6. New Deal Coalition Retained Pt II: World on Fire

    oh no, this isn't what the world need right now.
  7. Twilight of the Red Tsar

    That is interesting info you have given, who know maybe Pepsi will become the popular brand of soda in china if that happen.
  8. Twilight of the Red Tsar

    There is no doubt that soviet russia is going to provide many ideas for all forms of entertainment for many years to come.
  9. WI: Sony purchased the rights to all Marvel Characters in 1998?

    Like you say spider man would get a film first, and after that, well we would gotten sony version of x men, fantastic four, and any other A list superhero before the B list one.
  10. New Deal Coalition Retained Pt II: World on Fire

    Pretty good idea by miseito's there.
  11. A Dream that became Reality: A Star Trek in 1968 snapshot

    This is off to a good start, and we already seeing how the affects of star trek debuting in 1968 have already, keep up the good works.
  12. Citizen of california

    Citizen of california
  13. No problem, though i am surprise that you like 48 of my posts, but anyway thanks for the likes...

    No problem, though i am surprise that you like 48 of my posts, but anyway thanks for the likes and for following me.
  14. Reds fanfic

    Good write up Mr. E, and a good insight into how crazy Rhodesia propaganda movies can get.
  15. Haim Saban's Great Butterfly Flap

    You know i can actually see TNT airing tsuburaya and other tokusatsu shows, kind of like cartoon network air anime in their early years.
  16. Haim Saban's Great Butterfly Flap

    Since you mention that tsuburaya has become Disney tier, maybe you can have act somewhat Disney and have them remake many of their other classic shows for a new generation, like for example mirror man. Mirror man was a tokusatsu show which from 1971 to 1972, which is about kyotaro kagami who is...
  17. Haim Saban's Great Butterfly Flap

    Maybe Steve Wang of the wang brothers would gets lucky than he did in otl, because back in the 90s he was approach to director 2 tokusatsu works, ultraman and power rangers the movie. For ultraman he was approach by tsuburaya to helm the American made ultraman the ultimate hero, but was let go...
  18. Haim Saban's Great Butterfly Flap

    I would imagine so, rwby take a lot of inspiration from anime in otl, but with tokusatsu becoming a much bigger presence in this timeline, it would probably take inspiration from power rangers/super sentai instead.
  19. The Last Primal Stand (A Native American Axis power timeline)

    I don't know how possible this idea is, but it make for an interesting timelines if done.
  20. Haim Saban's Great Butterfly Flap

    And so it begins and what a start and a nice view into what things is going to come.