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  1. GarethC

    What would it take for the Allies to kick out the SU?

    After July 41 and before April 45? Don't you know there's a war on? Maybe diversion of Lend-Lease to Japan after Pearl Harbor in a trade deal similar to that done with Germany pre-Barbarossa - not actually sure what Japan would trade back, but there must be something. That's about it.
  2. GarethC

    Could Stalin backstab and crush Nazi Germany in the early stages of the Battle of France?

    OTL Stalin goes 11 May - 16 Sep 1939 Khalkin Gol - 19 Sep - 6 Oct 1939 Poland 30 Nov 1939 - 13 Mar 1940 Finland June 1940 Baltics Which of those will he drop to have a war with Hitler before France falls? ISTR that Stalin was concerned that a Baltic-German co-belligerency was a highway for Army...
  3. GarethC

    It's A Long Way To Nagasaki: The Anglo-Japanese War

    With no Khalkin Gol to distract might Stalin go for the Baltics before Poland? Is there any reason that Molotov-Ribbentrop should not proceed as OTL?
  4. GarethC

    WI US realises Japan's plans. Loses at Hawaii. What happens eslwhere in the Pacific?

    Do the British share in this belief? How early? When Nagumo puts to sea on 26th November? When Konoe resigns 15th October? If they are certain that the balloon is going to go up, then they may be able to put a bigger spoiling attack (Matador/Krohcol) into Malaya or even get a few more bodies...
  5. GarethC

    Olympic Auto Racing

    I have a sneaky feeling that an F1 team budget is bigger than many countries' entire Olympic programmes.
  6. GarethC

    German weapons that could have changed ww2

    I think we kinda need to turn this on its head and identify what outcomes we want - e.g. No Munich agreement, Heer just invades Czechoslovakia in 1938 and wins before meaningful Entente response butterflying entire Polish campaign as Warsaw recognises the futility of its posiition and grants...
  7. GarethC

    What if Pacific War started in 1934?

    Stimson then, historically a supporter of American armament prior to WW1 entry, convinced of Japanese enmity during the Naval Conference, opposed to Japan's Manchurian action, decides that Tokyo is not run by gentlemen and so decides it's all right to read their mail, and then that Something...
  8. GarethC

    What if Pacific War started in 1934?

    It doesn't have to be Japan that starts it. What if Hoover seeks a short victorious war to stem the tide of the New Deal revolution? A few incidents manufactured in China and maybe a bit of skullduggery here and there and maybe he can go before Congress wrapped in a bloody shirt to...
  9. GarethC

    Germany vs Russian Empire (1914)

    Needs some kind of Franco-German deal for a plebiscite on Alsace-Lorraine - maybe as part of a somewhat different Moroccan affair in 1911. Without some fairly enormous bone to throw to Paris, France will mobilise as soon as it hears Germany has started, and once it has done so the balloon is...
  10. GarethC

    How could it happen for Russia to attack North Korea in the case of the latter using atomic bombs in South Korea?

    Yes, sort of. No, Russia is not capable of projecting conventional force sufficient to occupy North Korea. Not least because the PRC is mostly in the way, and has firm ideas about that sort of thing not being allowed. The thing is, once the DPRK actually uses nukes, everybody else takes...
  11. GarethC

    Greater Britain

    Needs an 1845 POD.
  12. GarethC

    The Pacific War begins without the Pearl Harbour raid. USN actions?

    The FEAF has B-17s for reconnaissance and radar sets for air defence - the latter detected the OTL raid but the ground control failed to manage the three pursuit squadrons that were airborne to an intercept, so that half of the former were wiped out on the ground. It's all down to the Carrier...
  13. GarethC

    England Expects More....

    It is not an exaggeration to say that I am superexcited about this, @vpsoccer !
  14. GarethC

    How plausible is a Nazi peace deal with Britain in 1940?

    Sorry, I was unclear - Hitler's presence as Germany's leader means that Britain doesn't believe that he will honour any peace deal, so there's no point in Britain signing one.
  15. GarethC

    How plausible is a Nazi peace deal with Britain in 1940?

    Britain can agree a peace deal with Germany, even a Nazi Germany, but not with Hitler. However, there is no peace deal that Britain will agree that a non-Hitler Nazi Germany will accept without an additional factor - like a power struggle post-Hitler distracting his successors or a non-Nazi coup.
  16. GarethC

    Japan attacks Dutch and Brits in October 1940

    Note that OTL the year after the Japanese move into FIC was used to build up air infrastructure specifically to support the Malaya campaign. A hurry-up offence like this means no Vietnamese airbases or prepositioned supplies for Malaya or Burma, to go with the lack of Shokaku, Zuikaku, Hiyo...
  17. GarethC

    Best possible british fleet for ww2

    Immediately scrap hunter-killer box patrols by fleet CVs. Bring forward the order of PBY Catalinas to Sept 4 1939. The best fleet for 1940 is one that doesn't include Guy D'Oyly-Hughes. There are six months to get FAA and Coastal Command reconnaissance and reporting procedures up to scratch...
  18. GarethC

    Failed Pearl Harbor Attack

    No, the aircraft launch was before dawn. A USN force would be entirely able to close under cover of night and engage without being spotted - if they have read the tea leaves correctly to be going to the right place and have working radar when they get there. The problem is that it really is...
  19. GarethC

    Failed Pearl Harbor Attack

    On the morning of the 7th scout planes from Tone and Chikuma were the first aircraft aloft, but I don't recall anything discussing the transit - did Fuchida mention it in either of his books? My guess would be no, as you wouldn't want to waste time and fuel turning your carriers into the wind...