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  1. AHC: A Sixth Anglophone Nation

    Just have Newfoundland remain independent
  2. How big would the Soviet Union and its successors be without WWII?

    Well, without WWII and later absent such a total collaps of the Soviet state you can easily end up with Russian population of more than 200 million people. I attached some rough graphs wich presuppose stable, if a bit lower, population growth in Russia since 1930's. Ukraine should ultimately end...
  3. WI Russia never gets Poland and Lithuania

    The entire Russian part of the 3rd partition south of Vilnus was Belorussian/Ukrainian majority, not to mention Latvian majority in Courland. Even to the west of this line there are areas of future Cholm Governorate, which were also majority ukrainian. With the loss of core Polish majority areas...
  4. Cities that could have been much larger

    Saint-Petersburg could have remained the largest city of Russia had it not being depopulated twice in 20th century, first during RCW when the population fell from 2.5 million to 740 thousand during 1917-1920, which took 20 years to recover from, and later during the Blockade when it fell from 3...
  5. Automotive WI - Soviet / Eastern Bloc analogues to the Mini

    Does Oka qualify?
  6. Russian Empire annexes Manchuria after the Boxer Rebellion.

    Manchuria north of Sungari was very sparsely populated at the time, aside from, maybe, Mudan river valley, and could be easily colonized by Russians like the rest of the far-east. Especially once the transsiberian is complete. The south is too populated though. It would depend on whether or not...
  7. Map Thread XVIII

    Shouldn't Ingria be Swedish in 1650?
  8. DBWI: Disunited Italy

    Northern Italy unified only in the early 15th century by Gian Galeazzo Visconti and grew to eventually encompass the whole peninsula, but what if he died before he united his domain into a single state? Would Italy remain disunited for centuries more, eventually brought into order by HRE or...
  9. DBWI: Improve the Byzantine Empire's popularity on this forum

    Don't forget the ridiculous regnal numbers of their Emperors. I believe the heir, Constantine, number would be thirty-something. Who here can discern between Justinian XI and Justinian XII? Maybe try to have a non-roman dynasty to take hold for the influx of new names.
  10. DBWI: Alexander II of Russia assassinations succeeded

    Would it be possible for Germany to pick Austro-Hungary as an ally if Russia was significantly weaker? Without the nascent industrialisation Russia too may fear the German industry enough to start a tariff war, which wouldn't let the Russo-German industrial machine to grow into existance.
  11. DBWI: Alexander II of Russia assassinations succeeded

    There were a number of unsuccessful attempts on his life from 1866 onwards. What if any of them succeeded?
  12. Consequenses of Eastern Germany having a larger population than Western Germany

    You can have Stalin restrict german expulsion from the east to the future-GDR areas and have a much earlier Berlin wall, for example built by the 1950. That'd swing the population balance from 51 million to 19 million to 42 to 28 in the 1950, as well as preclude massive emigration from East...
  13. AHC/WI: Byzantine Sicilian reconquest

    Well, you could give a couple more years of life to Basileos II, IIRC he was planning a reconquest of Sicily in his later years. Or have some POD around the Georgios Maniakos reconquest, I think it's not ASB for it to succeed. As for the linguistic and religeous developments, it'd largely depend...
  14. Avoid the oligarchisation of post-Soviet Rusia

    I never said or implied that it would be. But it could have been the needed lesson on democracy and peaceful transition of power as elsewhere in eastern Europe. It'd shift the entirety of guilt for the "poor 90's" myth from "liberals" and spread it across political spectrum. The 1996 election...
  15. Avoid the oligarchisation of post-Soviet Rusia

    You can try to avoid the late 1995 auctions by Yeltsin having a heart attack half a year earlier coupled with Zuganov win in the first round of 1996 elections as a consequence. It'd put a stop for privatization for 4 years, prevent the selling of Sibneft, LukOil, Mechel, NorNikel...
  16. AHC: Farthest afield Romance nation

    What about roman Hibernia if Britain still falls to barbarians? It'd be fairly isolated, but it'd probably go back to their celtic language once the romans are gone.
  17. WI: Soviet puppets instead of annexation

    How can you even carve puppets out of eastern Poland? If for some reason Molotov-Ribbentrop is implemented to the letter there can be a rump socialist Polish state around Warsaw, but the rest of it was Belorussian and Ukrainian land, it wouldn't make any sense to establish West-Belorussia and...
  18. Map Thread XVII

    You are doing it wrong.
  19. DBWI: Huey Long dies in 1935 assasination attempt?

    What it says in the title.