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  1. Chrzęścimir

    What if the Huns and the Hephthalites wouldd not exist ?

    I'm interested in how the fate of Persia, the Roman Empire and the Ostrogothic Kingdom would have gone then. What impact would the non-migration of Huns have on these areas? It can be assumed that there is no Great Migration of Peoples in Europe, and the Ostrogothic state continues to function...
  2. Chrzęścimir

    List of Alternate Monarchs and Aristocratic Lineage

    Yes, I meant more about the fuller version of the list of monarchs :).
  3. Chrzęścimir

    List of Alternate Monarchs and Aristocratic Lineage

    A full version of the tree (til today or to a last days of Polish monarchy) would be an awsome thing (I'd like to see it).
  4. Chrzęścimir

    The New World of the White Huns

    As always, Nice work ! I am very interested in phonological history of the Polish language during (and after) Polish-Moravian rule. ;)
  5. Chrzęścimir

    Map Thread XIX

    World of Aquila World of Aquila (religions)
  6. Chrzęścimir

    What if sources of the Western Civilization would be blocked ?

    As in question. Is it enough to assumpt a conquest of Greece by some Eastern power (Persia, Assyria, Arabs) in a good time for it ? Or much earlier fall of Rome by Celtic invasion. Then Western European civilization would remain based on Celtic, maybe Etruscan or Carthaginian culture (I see...
  7. Chrzęścimir

    Most interesting scenario to you.

    1. A Scytho-Sarmatian language expansion instead Proto-Slavic. 2. Gothic language replaces Proto-Slavic. 3. Alanic language in Carpathian Basin instead Hungarian. 4. Tatar Ukraine. 5. Christian Khazar Khaganate. 6. Fascist (or even Nazi) Russia after WWI and civil war, with Fascist Iran and...
  8. Chrzęścimir

    Muhammad converts Arabs to Monophysite Christianity

    Does anyone have any ideas what would happen if the Arabs through Mohammed adopted Monophysitism?
  9. Chrzęścimir

    A literal Third Rome: A Roman Metropolis after Rome and Constantinople

    Tangiers would be very good only for African-centered empire, something like Almohads. Massalia ? (Why not ?)
  10. Chrzęścimir

    WI Christianity appear thousand years later ?

    What would happen if Christianity appeared a thousand years later ?
  11. Chrzęścimir

    Cultural effects of a 1000-years-old Macedonian Empire

    ATL-ish Islamic culture could be based on Greek culture. New circumstances do not exclude the existence of Christianity, which probably would be existing without Roman law.
  12. Chrzęścimir

    Map Thread XVIII

    Current map in SRMG Historiae Mutetur! (turn 840-849):
  13. Chrzęścimir

    List of monarchs III

    What if Charles the Younger had been the son to outlive Charlemagne and then had only one heir so the Empire was never divided? Emperors of the Western Holy Roman Empire 800 - 814: Charlemagne AKA Charles I (Carolingian) 814 - 849: Charles II the Younger (Carolingian) [1] 849 - 855: Lothair...
  14. Chrzęścimir

    Persian (Achaemenid) Greece - Effects in Rome

    What would Rome look like and how would its civilization develop if the Greek cities were permanently subordinated by the Achaemenids?
  15. Chrzęścimir

    Map Thread XVIII

    1600 AD
  16. Chrzęścimir

    Map Thread XVIII

    Alternate language families:
  17. Chrzęścimir

    AHC: Create a Lipka Tatar Nation

    Today Lipka Tatar is local variant of Polish nationality. We are Poles!
  18. Chrzęścimir

    List of monarchs III

    Kings of Berbers ca. 600-ca.660: Dihya [House of Dihya] [1] [1] Dihya, better known as Al-Kahina, was a Berber queen who lived in the 7th century and the most prominent leader of both religious and military times. Together with the Berber tribes, it repels Muslim attacks on the Maghreb. Due to...
  19. Chrzęścimir

    Map Thread XVII

    Something created in Incarnate: