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  1. Alternate Independent Western Canada and Alaska - Question on controlling gold supply

    I'm happy to try and convince you otherwise. ;) Expect the only commercial venture run by Astor, the Pacific Fur Company, was liquidated during the War of 1812. This is simply not true. John McLoughlin and James Douglas earned their goodwill with American colonists for decades simply...
  2. Alternate Independent Western Canada and Alaska - Question on controlling gold supply

    100,000 Americans that appear from where exactly? The California Gold Rush would suck up any migrant inclined, like it did OTL. The British would be aware of the parallels of California and when deposits are found in Frazier Valley as well, again, like OTL. Not to be rude, but I recommend...
  3. TLIAD: The Drop of Blood

    A state with massive projects that cannot possibly make it into reality. Saber rattling with Italy. A leader that follows Stalin into the grave. The fall of East Germany in the 50s and Beria's rise... A fun setting and fun break from the typically written Cold War tales that are barely AH...
  4. What Kind of population could Alaska support ?

    I wasted some time reading on Russian America (Alaska) a bit ago. Even with some minor incentives and bold plans by the Russians, the European population of Alaska during Russian rule never surpassed 3,000. Gold in the Yukon was rather important bolstering the population, yes. However the growth...
  5. The Thunderers: A Carthage Timeline

    I offer the humblest of bumps. With any luck you'll have some time soon Monopolist. :)
  6. WI: Gran Colombia's annexation of Spanish Haiti followed through?

    What are the chances of a commercial fleet developing? There's some charm to seeing Columbian merchants vying with the Brits for dominance in the region. Later on in the century, there is always the palm oil trade in the Pacific... >Expecting members to actually understand anything...
  7. British Non profit making colonies?

    Just about every location that the British (and in general every European) flag was stuck in Africa.
  8. The Northern Colossus: A Manchester-wank CFTL

    Bumping in the vain hope for more
  9. 东方红 (The East is Red)

    I would appreciate it if things could simmer down around here a bit. The next update will surely spark some more lively conversation. ;)
  10. AHC: US Native Americans Aren't Expelled Amidst Settler Colonization

    This is so incredibly vague of a question, could you be a bit more specific? By the time of Jackson the process of the Americans disposing the land rights of Indigenous nations is already well in place.
  11. 东方红 (The East is Red)

    This is a forum where many tales that are nothing but apologism for European Imperialism. While certainly not stated in such tales, historically many children were murdered directly from this process. Yet in an absurditst story that has someone poison several children, the world is on fire. Next...
  12. Mexican Texas,Independent California: Is It Possible?

    Does the Native population remain a target of genocide if the majority of the population of California colonists is American? Oh wait, when do the Miwoks matter. :rolleyes:
  13. AHC/WI: No Mexican-American War

    The "US is the only nation that can conquer the continent because Mexico has a plethora of ingrown issues" mantra strikes again.
  14. What would a surviving Aztec empire look like?

    "Armies of the Sixteenth Century: The Armies of the Aztec and Inca Empires, Other Native Peoples of the Americas, and the Conquistadores 1450-1608" by Ian Heath covers the topic "absolute fantasy" of obsidian damaging Spanish armor and cotton being used by many conquistadors to avoid getting...
  15. AHC: Mexico buys Alaska

    ...transport furs to the Qing Empire, they'll be well off for funding this rather drab colony. After a perhaps less bloody war of independence or *gasp* devolution of power from Iberia, Mexico has a smattering of minor outposts in the far north that, while not impressive, are on par with...
  16. AHC: Mexico buys Alaska

    ...etc. workforce was like in Alaska? Because they were economically fully dependent upon the Russian-American Company, just like French-Canadians under the HBC. These men wouldn't revolt and even if they did, their armaments would be paltry enough to where a lulzMexico *could* annex the area.
  17. AHC: Mexico buys Alaska

    The largest the Russian, Finnish and co population was around 600, shortly before the sale to the United States.
  18. AHC: Mexico buys Alaska

    I think you mean its European population would be around 1,000. :rolleyes:
  19. AHC/WI: No Mexican-American War

    Just saying, but if you really think a group of settlers that didn't number above 10,000 and were plagued with cattle raiders by Coastal Miwok bands for decades... Perhaps that group wouldn't be a major issue in controlling by a military force that is properly funded, with a naval supply chain...
  20. AHC/WI: No Mexican-American War

    A bold statement for a website dedicated to offer plausible alternatives to the course of history. You mean that force of less than a thousand revolters? If the Federales didn't have a fuck ton of domestic issues flaring I doubt that would ultimately be an issue. Sure, it'd be costly and the...