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  1. Weirdest Possible Multipolar Cold War

    I think a Peshawar Lancer’s Style Event would certainly shake things up a bit — Russian Persia anyone
  2. Weirdest Possible Multipolar Cold War

    A “The Fall” style asteroid/Yellowstone impact would help
  3. Weirdest Possible Multipolar Cold War

    A surviving unified post-Ottoman state with territory in Africa and Europe and a colonized China (worse Boxer rebellion) and colonized Persia could do — nations like Luristan are rare
  4. Weirdest Possible Multipolar Cold War

    What would the weirdest possible multipolar cold war with a POD of 1900 look like?
  5. Most militarized space possible by 2021

    Post_WW2 becomes a multipolar mess of US vs. Canada vs. W Europe vs USSR vs China vs India vs Scandinavia like in For All Time
  6. What If Gran Colombia becomes a British protectorate

    Something like the Monroe Doctrine is drafted in the US to prevent further landgrabs Also reorientation of Brazilian, South American markets to the US earlier A more tolerant British Empire- if “civilized” leaders like Bolivar or his successor can rule a South American colony, why not grant a...
  7. Cadet Kingdoms in the New World, Asia, Africa

    With a POD before 1900 is it possible for colonies in those regions to become kingdoms under the cadet branch of a European dynasty as a sort of autonomy/Dominion-equivalent?
  8. Realistic Non-Imperial Superstates

    Realistically, is it possible for expansionist superstates to form in the 20th century that aren’t colonial empires or other explicitly racially-based states, like how in 1984 America, Russia and China annexed their neighbors into theoretically post-racial superstates? EDIT: I put this in...
  9. More Creole Languages

    There are African creoles spoken by millions of English and French lexis but as with Haiti, elites favor English, French, Portuguese
  10. WI: Dick Armey votes No on Iraq

    Cheney, according to Vice (the really movie) (2018) was an iron SOB so he’d probably screw Arney into the ground
  11. More Creole Languages

    There were pidgin languages in the Chinese concessions— Kiaotschou German and several pidgin Englishes. Maybe more and longer lasting concessions. also the Germans briefly wanted to use Malay as a lingua franca in German New Guinea because it was grammatically easier than German even though...
  12. More Creole Languages

    The enforcement of Spanish and English helped destroy many creoles, although there are recorded AIPE samples .
  13. More Creole Languages

    An example of a severely endangered creole is Kristang, a Portuguese lexifier creole with influence from its sound system and grammar from Malay.
  14. More Creole Languages

    Creole languages arise from contact between two separate languages groups— and where the result becomes L1 for the children of a community. Creoles have a language which gives the grammar, a lexifier language, and a language which provides the underlying grammar and structure, known as the...
  15. Spanish colonies without Napoleonic invasion

    ?Tu eres un Nacionalista-Sindicalista actual?