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  1. Constitutional monarchies with a president?

    Isn't this basically the Governor-General system by a different name, where there's a different office who holds the constitutional responsibilities that could've rolled up to the Monarch?
  2. Napoleon do not invades Spain and divides Portugal long-term effects.

    The colonial question is certainly interesting here. The failed efforts in Rio de la Plata but subsequent local unrest shows that they weren’t really at risk of invasion so much as potential revolution, with or without the Abdications of Bayonne. A failed British expedition into Venezuela, which...
  3. Non - Prussian Dominated German Empire

    Prussia was rather rural too, in the east, but consolidating Silesia the Rhineland helped them gain modern dominance. A different state who expanded in either region at Prussia’s expense would be better placed. Not sure if I saw this earlier in the thread, but a common POD is 1848 could’ve...
  4. AHC/WI: Balkanized France, unified Italy

    What about a United Kingdom analogy for the Peninsula where a northern Kingdom of Italy ends up also on the throne of the Kingdom of Siciliy, or vice versa.
  5. The 1988 Democratic primaries if Jesse Jackson didn’t run

    I agree in just the abstract, Gore does better. But if Jackson doesn’t run would somebody else try and get in his lane? Depending on who that might be, would be secondary effects.
  6. WI: Bob Dole withdrew from the 1996 Presidential election instead of the Senate

    Campbell probably wanted to wait and not face Clinton but... life got in the way of his 2000 race. Gramm and Alexander were really second stringers at the national level. If no one else joined, could see Buchanan winning. Gramm doesn’t really have many friends as a fiscal conservative without...
  7. American football phased way down in the 1950s due to brain damage issue.

    I thought American Football was also a higher risk for CTE because of the helmets, so older variations of it would have less because of the lack of helmets. The helmets mostly stopped skull damage but doesn’t stop the brain from jiggling. So, rugby and earlier football would have less CTE...
  8. Map Thread XX

    For new states, I think they just added seats above 435 then rebalanced back at the next census. So the rule could be that if a state loses a senate seat in a census, the sitting Senator finishes their term but the seat doesn’t exist after that. Be random but a working rule at least.
  9. WI No Spitzer scandal

    So he does it and doesn’t get caught? He isn’t going to pass any FBI background check so he’s out for any Cabinet appointment. If he keeps running for office and doesn’t change his behavior he is going to get caught eventually. The amount of money he was spending got his account flagged for...
  10. WI: Al Gore never enters politics

    “The presidential election was upended when Governor Bush confirmed the reporting that he had been arrested for drunk driving. As first uncovered by Washington Post reporter Al Gore...”
  11. WI: Al Gore never enters politics

    Probably this but his primary career interest in college and after Vietnam was journalism.
  12. WI: “I had sexual relations with that woman”

    He had been lying for years. Paula Jones's lawsuit was accurate.
  13. AHC: Reverse the fates of North and South Italy

    Southern Italy was also at greater risk of Barbary pirates. Curbing their activities would help development.
  14. The Amazing Number of Democrats Who Didn't Run in 1992

    You kinda hit the nail on the head - Desert Storm. I mean, why would Dems think it winnable and who would jump in for what reasons? Al Gore had personal reasons. Jackson was explicit about not wanting to run 3 times and losing because it would discredit his movement. So he declined to try and...