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  1. Bisringkhal-An Assam Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 11: The Approach

    Chapter 11: The Approach January 1675 The ground was turning a different shade of brown, Kalia noticed. The closer they got to Kamrup the more the ground started becoming darker. He wondered why that was. No doubt Noban would know, Noban knew all those sorts of things. Thinking of Noban...
  2. Queen Mary's six husbands: Henry VIII dies in 1516, how could Mary Tudor end up having six husbands?

    Yeah, Margaret was very keen for closer relations between England and Scotland throughout her time in Scotland. And when Mary was of age, she was pushing for a marriage between James V and the lass.
  3. Bisringkhal-An Assam Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 10: Whispers

    Chapter 10: Whispers January 1675 Debera took a sip of water and swallowed. The water tasted sweet which was good to know. It meant that this whole business with the fish mongers hadn’t impacted the water tank that was near the capital. They couldn’t afford to run out of good water. If they...
  4. List of Alternate Monarchs and Aristocratic Lineage II

    Also the boy prevents decades or chaos and destruction. Preventing Spain becoming a completely failed state
  5. Bisringkhal-An Assam Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 9: Namrup

    Chapter 9: Namrup January 1675 Suhung shifted on the throne, Pakhari’s words echoing in his head. Was he truly as weak as she’d made him seem? Was she right? Did he need to be more active in seeing what was happening in the Kingdom? He did not know. Something inside him told him that...
  6. Bisringkhal-An Assam Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 8: Darrang

    Chapter 8: Darrang January 1675 Kalia walked down the slope, being careful not to go too quickly, he didn’t want to fall flat on his face after all and kept an eye on Mohanmala. The Brahmin had given him some very useful information about the Raja of Darrang and his brother, but whether...
  7. Bisringkhal-An Assam Timeline

    Aha caught the foreshadowing eh. And indeed Suhung is in way over his head
  8. Bisringkhal-An Assam Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 7: Wife

    Chapter 7: Wife January 1675 The moment Debera Borbarua left; her husband turned around on the bed to glare at her. Pakhari prepared herself for what was undoubtedly going to be an argument. As far as she was concerned there was nothing wrong with what she had done. Suhung was the King...
  9. Consequences of a Maratha victory at Panipat in 1761

    So, I've seen a lot of threads over the years about how the Marathas could win the 3rd Battle of Panipat in 1761, and whilst i have a few ideas myself, that's not my intention with this thread. My intention is to ask, what are the consequences of a victory at Panipat? I imagine the Afghan war...
  10. Bisringkhal-An Assam Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 6: Finery

    Chapter 6: Finery January 1675 Suhung stretched out on the bed, it was far more comfortable than the bed he had slept on back home. That bed had been rock hard, the result of his father’s debts, and the replacement of something comfortable with an ascetic’s bed. It had not been good to...
  11. What would a united British Church look like?

    Fair though how much of that correspondence was Charles being genuine given he was very good at dissimulation and keeping his true thoughts to himself?
  12. No ARW: India

    That depends on whether or not they’re given access to those opportunities, are capable of seizing them and for the company to not be driven out of the areas it held such as madras.
  13. What would a united British Church look like?

    It’s debatable whether Charles II was a catholic. Before he dies the man remained an openly committed Anglican, and also did a lot to ensure the Scottish episcopal church triumphed over the Presbyterians and Cameronians.
  14. No ARW: India

    I wouldn’t say so. He’ll in 1781, the British were almost driven out of madras after being annihilated at Polliur. Indeed thay could make a good pod. British rule over a bulk of India is not guaranteed.