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  • EVA-Saiyajin

  • Given your take on medieval weaponry and tactics in Song of Coin and Lamellar I was wondering if you knew any other fanfiction that approached the topic in appreciable ways? Doesn’t have to be ASOIAF.
    von Adler
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    I think "A brother's choice" is pretty good when it comes to tactics and battle depictions.

  • RichardWhereat


  • The correct title for the lords who were of a royal house before the conquest is:
    Lord of the North
    Lord of the Vale
    Lord of the West
    Lord of the Iron Islands
    Prince of Dorne.
  • The Biking Viking

  • I really enjoyed the Finnish War timeline, and i was wondering if you had abandoned it or if you were just taking a break from it?
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    von Adler
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    I was planning on rebooting it with more maps and graphics, but the guy who was going to help disappeared. I have not completely abandoned it, but the lack of comments and interest have it low on my priority list.
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