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Jul 6, 2017
Nov 13, 2010
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As High as Honour

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Jul 6, 2017
    1. J. R. García
      I would like us to maintain contact with each other, nothing would please me more. A greeting from a grateful Iberian gentleman after delighting his eyes with such a story.
    2. J. R. García
      You have captured with certainty that character that from my childhood I imagined, they only changed their lives in very small aspects and relationships but it is HE, the Caesarion that the world waited for, that the Egyptians waited for.
    3. J. R. García
      Sometimes, reading their lines I fall into a reverie, nostalgic towards a past that could be. I can almost glimpse an aura of Lord Byron that harmonizes and completes the character of our Caesarion.
    4. J. R. García
      After concluding I could see in what since then I know as "the Caesarion of Velasco" the young Ptolemy Caesar that I had always considered, synthesizing with great elegance the mood of Gaius Julius Caesar with the cleverness and charm of Cleopatra.
    5. J. R. García
      Hi gentleman. I'm J. R. Garcia, Spanish and passionate about history. I would like to thank you for the artwork that you have created with "Caesarion", which I am in the process of translating to add it to my personal library. .
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