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  1. Lines in the Sand: A History of the Gulf War

    A point about the meeting where the incubator story came out. It was not a congressional commitee. It was set by a P.R. firm hired by the al-Sabah family. The got a few of their capitol clients to sit in and give it a government appearance.
  2. No President Bill Clinton, does Hillary still make it to Congress?

    Not having national name recognition, she may only have a chance in the House. An advantage in this scenario is that with Bill not being the president, there will only be a local opposition group against her. Rush Limbaugh, the Washington Times, and the American Spectator will probably never...
  3. Great movies that never were

    War of the Worlds 2- The Andromeda Strain (1970) Its 1990 and the Martians have been learning from their failed invasion of Earth. Scientists have sent probes to the 3rd planet to study and bring back bacterial strains. It is decided that the opening move in the second invasion will be a...
  4. Your Name in the Federal Republic of America

    Minnis-Scottish Lacock-English sister-in-law maiden name is Arino-Italian/Croatian brother-in-law-Loya-Spanish
  5. Challange: United States LOSE the World War

    WWI delay One scenario of thought of involves the Lusitania. It already had the munitions on board while in the US. What if something happens to cause an explosion while its in port loading passengers. Americans are killed and the British are exposed. THe Lusitania goes from being a reason to...
  6. Reagan diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 1987

    !987 may be late I remember an ABC news story in 1982 of Reagan confusing movie plots with real events. This was when he would wing a speech. There was video tape of the incident. If more events like this were reported then maybe people might start to question Reagan's mental state. Remember...
  7. The Board Wargames thread...

    Some of my favorites were Empire in Arms-a multiplayer game of the Age of Napolean. GDW's Third World War series. AH's History of the World-not that historical but a fun game.
  8. The Moscow Event

    What if the June 30 1908 explosion that flattened Tunguska had occurred further west say over Moscow or St. Petersburg. If the government had been taken out, would other countries try to take advantage of the situation? What would the political situation be in Russia in the aftermath?
  9. AHC: The Most Plausible Way for United States to Join the Central Powers

    Lusitania One idea I've had to turn the U.S. from pro-UK to pro-German is to have the Lusitania suffer an accident in a U.S. port. The resulting clean up reveals the weapons the British were transporting in violation of U.S. neutrality. This and the number of Americans killed on the docks cause...
  10. Best AARs of the Paradox Forums

    EUIII The Audacity of Hope. The Iroquis fight off European invaders then go on to conquer the world.
  11. Discussion: Ronald Reagan Impeached Over Iran-Contra?

    Which Reagan In talking with my more conservative friends and listening to right wing radio, there were 2 Reagans. If something went well, like the fall of the Soviet Union, then I'm told " Reagan was in charge, he was on top of every detail. Nothing got past him." If it was bad news, like...
  12. President Quayle?

    I remember being at a football game, when over the PA system came the message "It is reported that President Bush has suffered a heart attack". It turned out not to be, but my first thought on hearing this was "President Quayle! Oh God!".
  13. Confederat States Baseball League.

    How about the Jackson Colonels since according to the movies that was the only rank officers held. or The Wilmington Runners (short for Blockade Runners)
  14. 1990 WI: Iraq Takes Only Northern Kuwait

    Slant drilling Iraq won a case against Kuwait in the World Court on its slant drilling.
  15. AH Challenge: Replace Vegas as gambling capital

    With its party atmosphere would New Orleans be a possibility?