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  1. Fokker D 21 vs Nakajima Ki-27

    Keep the Mercury in the nose, pour in the 100 oct fuel in the tanks so it can do 950-1000 HP at 10000 ft (give or take). A drop tank installation will also be handy. But 1st thing is to have the command and control system up and running, the fighters are of no use if they are caught on the ground.
  2. Alternative artillery pieces never made

    The 40mm Bofors is always a good idea, especially vs. the slow-firing 37mm SK C/30. Germans have already had a few 105 and 127/128mm guns, not worse than what any other navy was using. Their problem was believing that a 150mm gun was still a thing on capital ships, so the number of 105 or...
  3. A Bell P-63 for the Luftwaffe

    Me 309 was both with a tricycle and the engine in the nose, so it can be done. P-39 landing gear was under 520 lbs, on the P-63A it was ~620 lbs. On P-40, it was 630-640 lbs, on the P-51B it was 781 (!) lbs. All data from the 'America's hundred thousands' book. Granted, the P-39 was the...
  4. WI: Bf 109K (Kürfurst) in 1942.

    Attempts to streamline production rarely, if ever, bring about the speed increase like it was the case with 109K vs. late Gustavs. Granted, Luftwaffe should've insist on the Gustav to retain the retractable tailwheel (already present on the G-2). The addition of wheel well covers was no rocket...
  5. WI: Bf 109K (Kürfurst) in 1942.

    Seems that the problem was with DB 601A, that have had reliability issues with the cannon firing. We can recall that there was no DB 601A powered fighter with a prop cannon, be it the Bf 109, Re.2001, MC.202 or Ki-61.
  6. A Bell P-63 for the Luftwaffe

    A very good idea. The fully-rated DB 605A was making about the same power vs. altitude as the 2-stage supercharged V-1710-93 as used on the P-63A. I'd try to shove in the MK 103 in the nose, and two MG 151/20s as synchronized guns; going with a 5-cannon set-up is probably too heavy for the DB...
  7. WI: Bf 109K (Kürfurst) in 1942.

    Unfortunately, Greg in his video about the 109K fails to state some important details. 1st - the 109K-4 was not faster than P-51D. Then - the improvements that cut the drag vs. the late Gustavs are not highlighted, these being less draggy HMG cowlings, retractable tailwheel, and the wheel well...
  8. Op. Barbarossa in early May 1941?

    A member at another forum postulated that Operation Barbarossa would've defeated the Soviets if it started in Spring of 1941, with the caveat that there is no German operations against Greece and Yugoslavia. So let's say the start is in the 1st week of May, instead of in late June. How much...
  9. A British Mirage III - what would it take?

    Seems like a missed opportunity. We need delta wings (to fit the thread), and deletion of the rocket engine once the more powerful engine is available, same as with the Mirage III.
  10. A British Mirage III - what would it take?

    I'm okay with any proposal that specifies the size and weight of a Mirage.
  11. A British Mirage III - what would it take?

    That for a new-generation fighter, that can fly and climb much faster than the current generation of fighters, has an up-to-date radar, armed with two missiles and a cannon or two.
  12. A British Mirage III - what would it take?

    The one that Air Ministry requests by mid-1950s, that also fits the topic here, ie. a 1-engined delta-winged A/C.
  13. WI: Bf 109K (Kürfurst) in 1942.

    The Bf 109K climbs better and it is faster than any Fw 190, even the D-9 (Jumo 213A engine). Ta-152 needs the 2-stage supercharged Jumo 213E in order to out-perform the competition. The Jumo 213A (1-stage supercharged) is yet to be made by winter of 1943/44. To me, having a suitable engine is...
  14. WI: Bf 109K (Kürfurst) in 1942.

    1-engined jet fighter for sure. Whether something that looks like the Yak-15 or -17, or a jet-propelled Me 163 (like the P.15 or P.20 designs from Lippsich), or a He 162 with a proper wing (nick the wing from Bf 109 for all I care), or a less ambitious Ta 183 or MTT P.1101. Or the Fw Flitzer...