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  1. WI Margaret Thatcher is killed in 1984?

    Major is too young, but Heseltine certainly not. He'd been an MP since 1966 and a rising star since the late 1970s. I think just below your post one of the two TLs dealing with this do see him as PM. I'm not saying he'd get the job, but he'd certainly be in with a shout.
  2. Place In the Sun: What If Italy Joined the Central Powers?

    You're writing far faster than I'm reading, but see the bold italic point in Chapter 19. I assume it's not major but you need a number there I presume.
  3. Spain DOWS the Soviet Union - UK reaction?

    So, not disagreeing with the above, I even postulated it's likely in my own OP. But what is going to happen come May 1945? The Soviet Union and Spain are still at war, though neither can now reach each other as US/UK/France occupied Germany is in the way, along with France proper. How do Spain...
  4. Spain DOWS the Soviet Union - UK reaction?

    Inspired by this thread: I found the 1941/1942 DOW to be implausible. The 'best' [1] time for Spain to join the Axis is in the summer of 1940 and a 1941 join the Axis seems even more...
  5. Dunkirk Disaster causes Japan to attack Britain in December 1940

    Well, given the 'lightness' of OPs post, we don't really know exactly what is happening. His comment about the Japanese fleet 'obliterating' the RN, I've taken with a pinch of salt (well, a bucket of salt) to assume he means the Japanese fleet attacks British and Dutch holdings in the south...
  6. WI the Enterprise in Pearl Harbor?

    In reality, most of these TL should instead focus on the aftermath. For instance, was there someone famous who served on the Enterprise? Or you could make up someone famous who died in OTL who served on a ship not sunk in this ATL (though here, you're just making stuff up).
  7. Dunkirk Disaster causes Japan to attack Britain in December 1940

    Hmmm... perhaps some interesting debate can be had here afterall. Imagine that, a troll posts turns civil. Lets see. The main problem with a 'Japan goes after the UK' situation in 1940 (and likewise the DEI) is that any Japanese attack has to sail past the Phillipine islands, which is a defacto...
  8. Dunkirk Disaster causes Japan to attack Britain in December 1940

    As a result of this, the United States declares war on Japan and Germany in December 1940. This leads to bad things happening, but an Axis victory isn't one of them.
  9. FRG withdraws from NATO

    Probably, But a little bit of me wonders if Germany, certainly in the early 1980s, really had any choice in the matter. I can't see any German government that announced its intention to leave NATO lasting very long. Oh look, an unscheduled election. And oh look, the other party, who proposed...
  10. If Nazi Germany had had industrial parity in WWII, would they have won?

    How could they have had industrial parity? You mean as many factories as the Allies? Are these extra factories staffed? Where are they located? Germany really isn't that big a country compared to the US and SU. Dump an extra 10,000 factories in Germany and where are they going to go? Ie, what...
  11. How long could Nazi Germany delay its defeat?

    The reason the US and UK allowed this to happen is by 1949 it was clear that the Soviet Union were now a major threat, and leaving Germany disarmed and not using their technical knowhow was a waste. In 1943, this consideration would be completely irrelevant. Stalin was 'Uncle Joe' at this...
  12. How long could Nazi Germany delay its defeat?

    I think by 1943, the Nazi regime was pretty much over. I've seen, what I'll best describe as 'optimistic', timelines on here with 1943 PODs which have Hitler replaced by Goering and then the Allies guzzle lead-paint and start a shooting war with themselves. I don't consider this sort of...
  13. How long could Nazi Germany delay its defeat?

    Till 6th August 1945 is about the best they can do.
  14. What if Ireland joined the Allies in WWII?

    I suppose there is a difference between the Republic of Ireland as a member of the Allies and the Republic of Ireland being at war with Germany. The first is almost certainly impossible. The second is hard, but not completely impossible. All the latter requires is for Germany to bomb heavily and...
  15. Star Wars "A New Hope" released in 2021

    I don't think she would work as Leia. It would just be so awkward.