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  1. AHQ: What would happen if the Suez Crisis esculated?

    China joining is only going to bugger up the far east, when I say only, I mean only a lot. There will be another war in Korea and that's not good for anyone. Plus this time Hong Kong is going to be in the front line, again not good. Ramp it up a bit more and India and Pak get going again, not...
  2. What if Horatio Nelson survived?

    Not really, more importantly he wanted fame and glory, and the more the better. He would want be on the winning side and the winners will be the abolitionists. He would enter politics, Whig or Tory, doesn't matter, the one that can give him the most fame, glory and money. If there's to be a War...
  3. War makes for Strange Bedfellows – A Second World War timeline

    I would think he would look at the big picture, make suggestions, but by quite hands off. If anything goes wrong, he'd what to know why, and if there is any blame to be placed it will be. He was a commanding officer he knows no matter how hard someone tries it's sometime is just not their fault...
  4. If the USSR start a war in the 1947-1948 period what happens?

    1,500 miles? Surely there will be bases and depots that are much nearer. Doesn't have to come from the USSR., as long as railways are kept going it not a big deal. There we be 10,000's of men to fix them, even at gunpoint.
  5. W.I. Hitler dies fighting?

    Some have said he wasn't up to it, most likely not. However he only has to be out of the bunker, held up if it came to it. It would be a plus for the Russians, they will know he's dead, and they did it Unless his at the wrong end of a T-34, that is.
  6. W.I. Hitler dies fighting?

    Joseph Goebbels said in a radio broadcast the Fuhrer died fighting the Russians in the Battle of Berlin, yet what if he did? He was, Hitler, that is, was not in the best frame of mind for at least 6 months before his death, would anyone have stopped him going to the front line? He was by many...
  7. What if the second world war occurred a decade earlier?

    Yep, but then there's another W.I. It's not Stalin but Trotsky. Then a WWII is more likely?
  8. What if the second world war occurred a decade earlier?

    You have Stalin and not Hitler, maybe he tries for Poland?
  9. Latest possible point for a "reconquista" of Anatolia?

    After Vienna in 1529, more so if Suliman wins. The rest of Europe can't let him get away with that, very much a case of where's he going next?
  10. WWF: What if Bret screwed Vince

    If Bret stays, no Stone Cold, no Rock, no Trips, no Taker, or at least as we know them. As for the tag div, very different if the Hart foundation stay. No Ministry of Darkness, and that whole story line, and no Mr Mchaon! Would there be Edge and Christian, Hardy's, Dudley's? Bret would be on...
  11. WWF: What if Bret screwed Vince

    Wasn't it Bret that wanted to leave and Vince said go for once he knew the money WCW was offering, knowing he couldn't match it.
  12. How did the British view Indian food?

    Don't know that much, but neither were officers, think they both made Sargent, maybe my great grandad made CSM, don't know. I do know he was in India for quite a number of years, 8 I think, Back home for 2/3 years then back to India for a couple more, then First World War. After that he may have...
  13. How did the British view Indian food?

    My great uncle, been told my great grandad. loved Indian food. Both posted there, but 40 years apart. Great grandad form 1898-1909, NWF, off and on and my uncle in the 1940's, in the east, against Japan
  14. What if the Vikings adopted the lateen rig?

    Wouldn't they have to have a different hull?
  15. WI. Cold War 1930

    Right chaps Lets say the Soviets win the Polish war and the Hungarian and Romanian soviets are successful in those countries. That brings us to, lets say, the end of 1922. No doubt the Baltic States will ask for 'help' and Stalin will be only too willing to give them just that. That bring us up...