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  1. AHC: EGOT John Tesh

    Very simple. He already has Emmys and Grammys. So have him write the score to a popular play that wins the Tony Award for Best Original Score. When the play is made into a film, they use one of the songs from the play which wins the Academy Award for Best Orignal Song.
  2. Map Thread XX

    I think some of the best efforts here are a little esoteric and niche to the average punter.
  3. Map Thread XX

    We've made the BBC -
  4. WI 1945 was a coupon election, like a British revolution

    Attlee turned down Churchill to keep the National Government going until victory over Japan. If Japan looks harder to defeat, he might say yes, but there would be no election. It simply would be postponed until a few months after VJ day, the coalition would be dissolved and all parties would...
  5. Belgium Partitioned, What Happens to the Congo?

    As far as i know, most of the business interests in the Congo were from the industrial Walloon side. @Michel Van is the man for this question.
  6. DBWI: Stalin succeeds Lenin

    There's no way a non-Russia would ever ascend to be paramount leader of the USSR, despite it's proclamations of equality.
  7. USA adopts Universal Health Care

    In Australia, any conservative tinkering to Medicare is very incremental and very quiet. They hate it but there'd be rioting in the streets if it was taken away. I'm a reasonably healthy 40yo man, I've never paid for a doctor's appointment, blood test, x-ray. When I broke my ankle last year, I...
  8. Crimson Banners Fly: The Rise of the American Left

    It's his ticket to the presidency.
  9. Amendments proposed at a 1969 Constitutional Convention

    Article V is a bit vague, so there's a chance that it could go wide. I think Congress will try and limit the scope of the convention, but will fail. A runaway convention would probably cover:- - Something linked to reapportionment in the states and federally - An Equal Rights Amendment - A...
  10. Crimson Banners Fly: The Rise of the American Left

    True enough. But a house election allows for all sort of corrupt bargains :) Enjoying this timeline very much. It has been forcing me to read a lot about gilded age politics and politicians (I usually prefer my history to be post 1945 :)).
  11. Crimson Banners Fly: The Rise of the American Left

    Oregon or Colorado would've flipped it.
  12. What if Ireland became de-British after independence?

    Alot of the words relating to the government -are- Irish. The prime minister is the Taoiseach, The police are the Gardai. Fine Gael and other parties have Ardfheis. and the Ceann Comhairle oversees the Dáil. 🍀
  13. PMs and Cabinets of an Imperial Federation

    Few nitpicks. I'd say Douglas, Mandela, Broadbent and Ardern would be Labo(u)r & i'd put Blair and Trudeau in the Liberal camp.
  14. Earliest Republican female POTUS candidate

    The problem with this data, is that these numbers would be different after seeing a woman in a semi-presidential role in an earlier timeframe. It might not make a huge difference, but a Secretary of State Booth Luce in the sixties might shift things.