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  1. What are some plausible alternative names for the 13 colonies

    Each colony or the whole thing?
  2. 1000 Congressional Districts

    Good work! Quick note for District 46; Kathy Marchione retired in 2018
  3. 1000 Congressional Districts

    You may have answered already - to what extent have you researched each State's districting laws? Nice to see NY will finish with 63 - that tracks exactly with how many State Senate seats it has
  4. King Theodore's Corsica

    Alright, alright, fine - I'm a Jescite now
  5. AHC: A "More English" Church of England

    Kill off Cranmer and have the Sarum Rite survive
  6. King Theodore's Corsica

    On the flipside, you get the impression that Vienna was willing to part with the Austrian Netherlands at every opportunity for any situation that might gain them an advantage (see: Netherlands to France for Silesia, to Wittelsbach for Bavaria, etc). Being allied to France certainly reduces the...
  7. WI: New York City was Capitol of New York State

    Yes, because a city of underpaid priced-out public employees is a system that works excellently in Washington
  8. WI: New York City was Capitol of New York State

    I have no idea what this means. A vast majority of people in NYS live south of Kingston. There is no real “center of gravity” in Albany besides that of a normal urban region benefitted by the Erie Canal. The only difference is the government kept the capital region on its feet while the rest of...
  9. WI: New York City was Capitol of New York State

    This seems to be a random political thread about the problems of the MTA and complaints with the Governor of New York State from a poster supposedly from Massachusetts, and I doubt it fits in this forum.
  10. WI: New York City was Capitol of New York State

    This thread has a stunning amount of editorializing. New York City already has plenty of influence in the affairs of the state government; it was of significant benefit in the time before instant-travel to have it in Albany, and it remains so. It ensures that the rest of the state doesn't feel...
  11. Miscellaneous <1900 (Alternate) History Thread

    Suppose the German Brothers War does indeed end up with much of Cisleithania annexed to the new Germany (sans Dalmatia, Bukovina, and Galicia) while Hungary remains independent. Assuming they allow the Habsburgs to continue to rule, how would that go? I'm guessing that Franz Josef would probably...
  12. PC: Frederick I of Prussia inherits the Netherlands?

    I’m not sure how the law of inheritance worked in the republic, but I will say it will not go over politically without serious objections. Fortunately for Prussia, everyone is already at war with France so their objection won’t be too noteworthy
  13. Otto I makes himself the pope

    No. Why would he do this? Even if he attempted his forces would immediately be tossed out of Rome by the mob
  14. Miscellaneous <1900 (Alternate) History Thread

    Fair enough point, though I would merely offer that, say, unlike France post-Trafalgar, the United States has a huge supply of experienced New England sailors. They can survive the early blunders and easily fill losses.
  15. Miscellaneous <1900 (Alternate) History Thread Source for the above. I think a lot of the tendency to downplay the US naval capacity in the period probably has to do with the (fair) reaction to the “US Conquers Everything” trope that’s pretty prevalent in the 19th century...