Currently Working On:
Exactly what it says on the tin.​
If you were John Hammond and you wanted to make a dinosaur with only 80s technology at your disposal, how would you really do it?
  • Gods and Peasants
All Meoquanee wanted was a little justice, and when the courts refused to give it to her she took matters into her own hands. When her act of vengeance sparked a revolution, she was in over her head; when beings from beyond her world took an interest in her rebellion, she was definitely in over her head!

In Planning:
Anything I haven't gotten around to posting about yet but have dedicated significant thought to.​
  • Astromancy
If all FTL is magic anyway, what ELSE in the space opera genre can be explained by magic?
  • Connie Maheswaran and the Crystal Gems
I do to Steven Universe what HPMOR did to Harry Potter.
  • An Evolutionary History of Trolls/On the Evolution of Trolls
In which I attempt to explain Andrew Hussie's bullshit biology.
  • How to Use Your Deathnote and Why
You know what I hate about Deathnote? (...Besides the rampant misogyny...and the fact that it thought it was way smarter than it was....) The Deathnote itself presents a deep, troubling philosophical question--and the show gets out of answering it by handing it to the villain. So what if someone else found it? Could a good person, presented with such power, possibly use it? Could they possibly not?
  • Mercy
Justin Mercer is a superhero. Justin Mercer is a Healer. Justin Mercer always tries to do the right thing. Justin Mercer is a ruthless, Machiavellian bastard who will not hesitate to kill if he needs to.
  • Occupation
When a world like the one at the end of The Anglo/American-Nazi War invents inter-dimensional travel and finds a world like the Draka before the Final War...they crush it. Hard. As in, they've won by the end of the prologue. But what happens next?
  • Power Fantasy
Start with a version of Twilight that does NOT gloss over how completely fucked up all the characters and relationships are, mix in a little Anita Blake and Dracula (and Dexter), add a government conspiracy or two...and that's more or less what I'm doing here.
  • Shards
Just, I don't even know how to begin explaining this. Like, picture the Roman Empire as sky pirates in a world that has been torn into the rubble ring around a gas giant where the shards of the world only have atmosphere because of magic. Picturing that? Good; you're about a quarter of the way there.
  • Sic Semper Tyrannis
The Confederacy wins the Civil War. Soon, it will wish it hadn't.
  • A Tale of Two Worlds (working title)
After the fall of Terran civilization colony worlds fall to barbarism. Two thousand years later, the world of Beiün has achieved roughly modern technology (+/-30 years, depending on the field) and turns its hand to attempting to contact the natives of the other inhabited planet in their double star system, only to discover that there has been a surprising degree of cultural divergence.
  • Theo McYuin (working title)
It's hard to be a normal teenage boy when you're being stalked by a demon, your grandfather's a crazy survivalist, and you're descended from alien royalty.
  • Voltron 2009
When an alien empire that controls most of the Orion arm of the Milky way invades Earth, the world is saved by five unlikely heroes with an ancient superweapon. Then things get interesting....
  • We Are Your Friends
Why invade the Earth when you can exploit it economically?
  • You Are What You Eat
I try my hand at creepypasta.

Maybe I'll return to these ideas one day. Maybe not.​

If you were John Hammond and you wanted to make a dinosaur with only 80s technology at your disposal, how would you really do it?

Grey Valley is a town with a dark secret.
The (incomplete) history of Firefly. From five minutes in the future (so 2014, based on when the first post went up) to 2518.
Not your typical Vinland timelines.


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