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  1. How many countries are possible in the Americas?

    Depends on how early your PoD is, as was said. For different PoDs you could do different nations. Here's some possibilities I've always envisioned for the US and Canada: Pre Independence PoD: -New Netherlands -New Sweden -Puritanical Massachusetts/Connecticut/Rhode Island -Vermont -Spanish...
  2. Treaty of Fontainebleau-Why?

    Hey, so I was just reading about the Treaty of Fontainebleau signed in 1762 by France and Spain that gave Louisiana to Spain. However, I was a bit unclear on France's motivation. Was it because they didn't want all of New France to fall to England? Was it because they lacked the capability to...
  3. Alternate countries and economies in a Weimar-lives scenario

    I would imagine that the Second Spanish Republic would continue to exist to this day in such a scenario.