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  1. A Map Shitpost Thread

    I don't really know what the shitpost is but the map style is cool regardless
  2. A Map Shitpost Thread

    Pretty much, yeah. Since the name of the Aral Sea refers to the islands in it, I went with the Kazakh word for "Lake." Thanks! It's actually just a USSR equivalent for the scenario, located in the Black/Caspian Islands and maybe part of the Arctic?
  3. A Map Shitpost Thread

    (idk if this counts as a shitpost but take it anyways) In the 1960s, Köl Island (part of the Union of Confederated Communitarian Republics at the time) was used as the primary source of dirt for a project intended to create artificial islands in the Oxanian Sea. While very briefly successful...
  4. A Map Shitpost Thread

    keeping in line with my tradition of "take a joke someone else made and tweak it": The Americas are traditionally considered to have been discovered by Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, after a two month voyage through the Atlantic Sea. While he would later go on to be imprisoned...
  5. A Map Shitpost Thread

    Fish being able to vote has been a major issue ever since we decided to drain Lake Erie, and Erie, being a majority Fish state (and what I assumed Kllythath's home state was), have historically backed Fishthing in federal elections. I'm not sure how the negative votes happened, maybe somebody...
  6. A Map Shitpost Thread

    Disclaimer: I have no idea what I'm doing here (I would've tried to remake it in Worlda but I don't have a death wish) Democratic Party (Mike Gravel / Marianne Williamson): 212 (won in House) Republican Party (John Ellis "Jeb!" Bush / Joe Walsh): 140 Progressive Alliance (Kermit Roosevelt IV /...
  7. The Colossus Of The New World - a worldbuilding project

    The flag looks really nice, the only concern I'd have is that the outlined star may be hard to make out at a distance/low resolution. Everything else looks pretty good too, I can't really think of anything to change there.
  8. Proposals and War Aims That Didn't Happen Map Thread

    A little patch for Grande-Ouïskonsin
  9. A Map Shitpost Thread

    The Nations of the European Union: - Brusela, Free City of - Canarian Republic - Corsica, Kingdom of - Crimean Khanate - Czechosilesia - Denmark, Republic of - France, Kingdom of - Galitzianer Free State - Germany, Confederation of - Monaco, Principality of - Netherlands, Kingdom of the -...
  10. Q-Bam Borderpool Improvement and Core Thread

    also it took about 45 minutes total
  11. Map Thread XIX

    They have decent PR and a generally positive public perception (better than OTL Scientology, despite still being labeled a "funny cult"), but there's something strange going on with them, and Asahara is supposedly planning something big to celebrate AM winning a (state-level) seat in the...
  12. Map Thread XIX

    This started as a shitpost based on the long state trend from a while back, but I ended up putting way more into it than I planned, so here's this. Errata on the Confederation of the United States of America (or just the United States to save space) I don't have a coherent or well thought out...
  13. A Map Shitpost Thread

    Ah yes, the six genders. Woman, Pregnant, Pacifist, Over 60, Overweight, and Other.
  14. The Q-BAM Improvement and Core Thread

    Yeah, my justification was that they're legal entities under state law, but they really aren't used much so they should probably be left out. Lake Mai-Ndombe, most of the borders, and the endpoints of the coastline all match up, but Pool Malebo and a bit of the border south of it don't, at...