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  1. WI Henry's VIII will was ratified by Parliament?

    Is the Seymour in question William Seymour 2nd Duke of Somerset who married Arbella Stuart in 1610 IOTL??
  2. Scandinavian Britain

    The first AH I ever wrote had a POD where Harald Hardrada of Norway beat Harold II of England at Stamford Bridge, leading to an England divided in two, a Norwegian north and Norman south. Also involved were two Welsh kingdoms, Scotland and a newly independent Strathclyde
  3. WI The Bolsheviks Lose in the Civil War?

    I had a idea for a TL like that called Zhukov Kai-Shek 1. The July Days become a full-on revolution 2. The Tsar and his family killed by Bolsheviks 3. The revolution fails and most Bolshie leaders are killed 4. The army stages a coup blaming Kerensky and the PG for the death of the...
  4. Nazi Britain.

    I would have thought they'd have Edward VIII back but whoever they chose wouldn't be all that popular with the people. If they had Eddy as a puppet monarch who would they have as a puppet PM?? Perhaps something along the line of Petain/Laval with General Fuller as the figurehead and...
  5. WI: Buddhism requires pilgrimage to India?

    This reminds me of a Chinese novel called Journey to the West which was based on a set of Chinese folktales about a Buddhist monk called Tripitaka who was asked to travel to India to collect some Buddhist scriptures. He was accompanied by three spirits/creatures, Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy
  6. English Peasant Revolt overthrows the King?

    The peasant didn't want to overthrow King Richard II, they wanted to to get rid of some of his unpopular advisors and to abolish serfdom
  7. C'est Boulanger qu'il nous faut - Questions about George Boulanger

    But in those circumstance would there have been a restoration of the monarchy?? And who would have been the figurehead? Kaiser Bill would have been a definite no-no. and Crown Prince Wilhelm was a bit too close to the far-right. Mind you if there was some sort of military takeover they might...
  8. C'est Boulanger qu'il nous faut - Questions about George Boulanger

    In 1888/9 the Bonapartist pretender would be Victor (1862-1926) grandson of Napoleon I's brother Jerome
  9. An Anglican on the Portuguese Throne?

    A better outcome from this would probably help: Perhaps replace Dudley with a better soldier
  10. A New Portugal (an alternate Ksar-el-Kebir)

    Bearing in mind what you said about Rainuncio in post #92 what would he do with Dom Manuel's children??? If he does have Manuel and Lancaster executed two other questions arise: 1. How will this affect his popularity in Portugal 2. Will Lancaster's English relatives be annoyed??
  11. A New Portugal (an alternate Ksar-el-Kebir)

    Is Dom Manuel still alive and if so is there any residual Manuelist sympathies anywhere in Portugal??
  12. A list of possible PODs in French history

    Ifs someone tried that they'd probably go with the Orleanist line as after the death of the Comte de Chambord in 1883 (?) the Legitimist claim went to foreign royals whereas the Orleanist line stayed with French royals. The Orleanist claimants within the timeframe you mentioned were...
  13. A list of possible PODs in French history

    Way back at the start of this thread some suggested a POD of France becoming a constitional monarchy in 1871: Another thought: What if the situations of Generals de Gaulle and Giraud were reversed?? IE Giraud escapes to Britain and...