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  • Bookeater

  • Is there anywhere 'Reap the whirlwind' is in chapter form? Bit hard to revisit my favourite bits by doing a plunge across the thread
    There is a story only thread
  • Jam99chgo

  • I'm curious as to if you have plans to return to the world of Sir Arthur Harris? His story was very enjoyable and the hints to the post war world seemed especially intriguing. Either way its always a pleasure to read your amazing stories! They do a great job of blending storytelling and Alt History!
    No plans currently - that story burnt me out if I'm honest.
    I'm sorry to hear that man just glad you are still writing. I will look at the word currently and hope for the future! I can see why though the research and work you put in for continuing it would probably be monumental. I'll just sit here and read everything you write. :)
  • kelgar04

  • Hey I was wondering other than Harris who else would you have chosen?
    Though I have to ask with the Modified Avro York did that help with the Warsaw Uprising at all or did that end with the massacre while the USSR just watched on.
    The later
    Damn same as OTL damn Reds
    Guess we don't have a free Poland this time around.
  • Jason14k

  • I was wondering if you would considered doing another story like ATSRTW but they take over Montgomery or some other general?
  • Sbiper

  • ATSRTW is restarted, with a finish date of mid to end 2018. 2nd part of the Timeline is in early research with no definitive timelines yet.
    baurus 1
    Glad to hear it Sbiper. I still feel you drive yourself too hard with your research, your reference list feels as if from a short doctoral thesis already! I shudder to think what part 2 will entail... your damned thoroughness will have my head bursting with impatience during 2018-2019!!!
  • John 117

  • Do you play Hearts of Iron IV?
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    Sbiper 1
    Nope, while I do like Strategy Games as a rule, but I don't really have the time to dedicate to playing PC games anymore :(. I played Eve Online from December 2006 through to August 2012, and it was the Game that I most enjoyed if I am honest. I played a bit of World of Tanks during Beta and early release but gave it up for various reasons.
    John 117 2
    I see.

    I'm sorry but I just thought it's something you would like. Based on your work on ATSRTW...
  • Sbiper

  • ATSRTW is currently on hiatus, I am writing other stuff. It is not abandoned though, I will finish it, probably restarting it early in 2017
  • lancastrian

  • Hi there.
    Are you continuing with your TL "And They Shall Reap the Whirlwind"?
    I do hope so as I have really enjoyed it.

  • Flammy

  • I saw the post from a little over a week ago on the status of 'And They Shall Reap the Whirlwind' and wanted to say take all the time you need to get it flowing as you want - I just finished re-reading it and it was great to see it flow as a single story, beyond the one-at-a-time chapters. Also thx for keeping the Story Only thread up to date.
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