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  1. A person is many things, their past is hidden like a shadow in the stars. >:(

    A person is many things, their past is hidden like a shadow in the stars. >:(
  2. AHC: OK, what happened here?

    Finland was defeated in the 1940 Winter war and was occupied. Greece was in a civil war post 1945 and it ended up with a North and South Greece. The western part of Cosntantinole was occupied. There was an indepent Soviet backed Kurdistan. In France the city of Great became semi independent...
  3. PC: Britain crushes the 1952 Egyptian revolution

    I think to be fair to the idea at the time the British wanted to remain in control of the Suez Canal and by proxy the country as well. If they had crushed the revolution with force and stayed there in the short term they would be able to hold the country with the Egyptian royal family's...
  4. Ripple Timeline: WI Alexander Conquered Arabia?

    Erm realisitc plan but where would it go from there? More >;(
  5. Why do People Predict a French Collapse in WW1?

    The reason is because it's seems to be the most easiest answer and most probable because the French army seemed like it was on the edge of it's tether. However, you may be right maybe they might not fall apart. I hope this subject is greatly expanded upon.
  6. Italy honors triple alliance in 1914

    Here is the thing though, if more countries are joining up with Germany aren't the rest of them going to join up. Even if they arw doing their own thing they could still work together easily and put more pressure or the Allies.
  7. Italy honors triple alliance in 1914

    I want to ask if it's possibile for someone to please respond to this thread as I believe this idea hasn't been explored.
  8. Italy honors triple alliance in 1914

    Hi guys I have something to add to this. I believe that if Italy joined the war in the beginning then most likely what would have happened is that the Entree Alliance would have been placed under more strain and be forced to play more on the defensive. If we look at OTL at what Italy did on...
  9. Failure before Moscow a Red/BW Joint TL

    This timeline is good but try and do some more information on other fronts, we need know what effect this is having on other parts of the front ? Also include some maps as well.
  10. Day of infamy-Empire of China

    To be honest this timeline is strange to say the least. China is attacking Asia and breaching against the the rest of the world. Now the way this could happen is to have the Japanese lose the 1905 conflict and have a stronger China which builds a decent sizr navy with lots of aircraft support...
  11. Stalingrad

    Why don't we change the rules of this thread. Instead of having a general 'what if' why don't we have a focused what if. Let's say the German army manages to get a quick victory over the city of Stalingrad by capturing the bridges over the Volga and then surrounds the city and let's it starve...
  12. Tail-Gunner in the Pilot's Seat

    Good story man but still I want to see more upates.
  13. Stalingrad and Caucasus battles, a different outcome

    let's try the germans throwing more of their forces at the city and suceeding.
  14. Stalingrad and Caucasus battles, a different outcome

    Well that is up to the community to decide. Well I will get the ball rolling then, the first idea is to have the Germans pushing further into the theather comabt operation followed by more victories. The German airforce is able to win more battle across the sky and keep the Soviets on the...
  15. Germany Going With the Old Plan

    Idea Here is the whole strategy with going with the old plan. For starters we know that the French will attack to try and retake the Alsace-Lorraine region but their offensives will come to a bloody halt. The French will then have to dig in. Now the Western front will remain somewhat stable but...