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  • Beatriz

  • I really like how you were able to flesh out the minor details of Parable of the Grasshopper like Xieheyu
  • ChaosTheVoid


  • It's seems this is where appreciation for Parable of the Grasshopper goes. I actually found it by browsing your profile to see if you ever got around rewriting The Sun also Rises.
    ChaosTheVoid 2
    It was fantastic binge read, it really got me with the underlying themes, especially with regards to whether she accepted her place in the new society. I would be perfectly content if it ended after book 1 but continuing with Book 2 intrigued me. The origins of the incident being divine or science, it reminded me of Your Name to a degree. I hope to see Parable or your timeline continue one day. Thank you.
  • Evan

  • I just finished Parable of the Grasshopper, and I'm hoping to maybe see more someday? It's a wonderful story that lands us in the middle of the alternate history!
  • AditOTAKU666


  • Just wanted to say that Parable of the Grasshopper has been one of the greatest pieces of literature I've ever read on this site.
    And while book 2 does indeed seem incomplete by the number of chapters, the last chapter posted does indeed provide a great closure to the story.
  • TimTurner


  • would you be willing to check out the TL in my signature please? it has a substantial Asian element to it, and the latest updates involve events in Canada. thanks in advance for considering my request.
    every major update is threadmarked.
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