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  1. WI Leningrad Nuclear Plant instead of Chernobyl

    I agree that part isn’t unique to the soviets, it’s all too common in capitalist societies. What was a direct result of the Soviet system (although not unique to it either) was the fatal design flaw being hidden purposefully to the point that the emergency stop button is basically turned into a...
  2. WI Leningrad Nuclear Plant instead of Chernobyl

    Pretty much. So let's say by laws of probability the same circumstances come to fruition in Leningrad instead of Chernobyl. It's not out of the question really. If it can happen in one RBMK reactor it could happen in another, as the issues that caused it were systemically widespread in the...
  3. WI Leningrad Nuclear Plant instead of Chernobyl

    Leningrad Nuclear Plant uses the same RBMK design, with the same flaws that Chernobyl had. So what if the circumstances of the Chernobyl accident occurred at the Leningrad plant instead.
  4. If the Atomic Bomb was ready by 1944 how would it have been used?

    What would happen to Germany if the A-Bomb was used successfully on a decapitation strike in Berlin, or Berchtesgaden.
  5. Map Thread XVIII

    Huh, I did not know that, and will keep it in mind in the future.
  6. AHC: Ellen Fairclough as Prime Minister of Canada

    Is there any plausible way for Ellen Fairclough, who was the first female cabinet minister in Canada and held the post of Acting Prime Minister for one day in 1958 to become the leader of the Progressive Conservatives and Prime Minister in her own right?
  7. Canada Prime Minister Game

    James Garfield Gardiner (LIB) 1946 Lester B Pearson (LIB) 1951 Norman Manley (Labour) 1955 Tommy Douglas (Labour-CCF) 1961
  8. Plausibility: Venetian Colony in America

    Would it be possible for the Venetian Republic to establish an American colony. If not Venice could any other Italian state do it? And where would be the best location for a thriving Italian colony?
  9. Rosa Luxemburg in the DDR

    What if she fled westward instead, and eventually settled in the Bundesrepublik?
  10. Rosa Luxemburg in the DDR

    If Rosa Luxemburg survived the Spartacist uprising and fled to the USSR. If she survived the World War II, would she have been in line for a leadership position in East Germany?
  11. WI Tito and Stalin have each other Assassinated

    Who is Tito’s most likely successor at that stage?
  12. WI Tito and Stalin have each other Assassinated

    The enmity between these two is well known and Stalin had allegedly sent assassins to deal with Tito before. So what if during the informbiro era they both send agents to kill the other one. And both succeed with the mission. What happens next?
  13. UK invoked Article Five during Falklands Invasion

    What it says on the tin, what if the UK formally declared war on Argentina and invoked Article 5 during the Falklands invasion. Was this even considered and if it happened would it have been answered with force by NATO? And if it hadn’t what would have been the consequences vis a vis the Cold...
  14. WI: President Donna Shalala

    During the 1996 State of the union the Health and Human Services Secretary was the designated survivor. What if something happened to the the capital (let’s say two scenarios, one an act of god: a meteor nobody saw blows us the capitol but it’s small enough to leave the rest of Washington...