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  • Mr Anggur

    Mr Anggur

  • Hey is Dayton still Fremont running mate in 56?
    I think so? I apparently only specified that Lincoln was on the running, but no who beat him. So I guess it's still Dayton.
  • Mort the Reaper

  • I have a question about Until Every Drop Of Blood is Paid:

    Would you all kill me if I ended the TL like this?

    What was this picture of? I know it involved McClellan somehow, but that's about it.
    Red_Galiray 1
    It actually was, IIRC, a screenshot from the paradox plaza forums, showing a Victoria 2 game that ended with the US split into several states.
  • Wolttaire

  • Have you ever thought about posting your civil war timeline on other sites?
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    Red_Galiray 2
    Hmm not really. I don't even know where I could post it. I think AH is the largest, and the only one really active, forum about alternate history. I do toy sometimes with the idea of publishing the TL as a complete, slightly expanded edition on Amazon or something once I finish it.
    Could post on SV(Sufficient Velocity) they got a pretty large alternate history community or spacebattles
  • Harshavardhana

  • Hey, uh, are you going to continue your Gran Colombia TL? Can't wait for your next installment!!
    Red_Galiray 1
    Yeah, I'm committed to finishing it no matter what. It's just hard due to life and because sometimes mustering the inspiration and will to work is impossible. It'll take a while more, but I haven't abandoned it.
  • Red_Galiray

  • Tfw you just posted an update on your Civil War tl but people prefer to talk about Woodrow Wilson and Marxism.
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    What’s your Civil War TL again?
  • Deleted member 147978

  • Congratulations on your TL "Until Every Drop of Blood Is Paid: A More Radical American Civil War" for winning the 2021 Turtledove Award for winning Best Colonialism & Revolutions Timeline. You'd crafted an excellent US Civil War TL, to say the least.
  • Quinkana


  • Are you still continuing the Gran Columbia story?
    I haven't abandoned it and will continue it some day. I still have big plans for the TL. It's just that I've been very busy and the little time I've got I've preferred to use to write my far more popular Civil War TL.
    Thanks for answering
  • Mecanimetales


  • Hey man are you ecuadorean? I would like to talk with you about a future TL that i'm making about the Gran Colombia.

    Hey bro, eres ecuatoriano? Me gustaría conversar o hablar contigo acerca de una Línea Temporal en la que estoy trabajando, acerca de la Gran Colombia.
  • Vinization

  • Out of curiosity, how do you write/juggle two TLs at the same time? I'm sort of on the same boat.

    Or is the one focused on Gran Colombia already finished?
    Red_Galiray 1
    The Gran Colombia one is still going. However, the Civil War TL is more popular and read by far more people, so I feel like I owe them more regular updates, which I try to post every 2 weeks. The other TL I only update when I get a flash of inspiration. Basically one I update regularly and the other only when I can, which means there are no conflicting schedules.
  • generalurist

  • Hey, sorry for the prying, but you haven't posted much in the past couple months. Is everything going OK?
    I know you already saw it, but I just updated! I was just very busy, and had to take a hiatus for the holidays and to solve some personal problems. Everything's going alright now, so it's back to the regular schedule of 1 update per two weeks.
  • generalurist

  • I think you mentioned at one point that Until Every Drop of Blood is Payed is meant to update every two weeks? How's the next update coming along?
    Red_Galiray 1
    Oh, yeah! Sorry, it's just that I've been busy with college and the nearing Christmas season. I'll try to write an update and post it this week!
  • Rockydroid

  • Hi, I am working on a Mexico timeline and am wondering if you could help with some input on a few questions. Unknown mentioned that you'd be a good person to ask regarding European history.

    If you are willing to provide your input I would greatly appreciate it :)
    Gladly! But I'm mostly knowledgeable about the Americas and their relationship with Europe. In Europe, I know more about France and the 1848 revolutions than other topics. If you have any questions, just ask.
    How willing would France and other powers be to deal with an independent Mexico in 1816ish and on with the same lack of Spanish recognition as in the OTL?
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