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  1. The Empire Parnell Built

    Some of them (older and with very long memories) probably do but for the vast majority the Orleanists are the only game in town at this point.
  2. The Empire Parnell Built

    With the usual caveat that I don't really have much interest in F1, I don't see why not. Danubia makes sense to me as a base too - it's kind of a romantic aristocratic paradise that I could see enjoying motor sports
  3. The Empire Parnell Built
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  4. The Empire Parnell Built

    An interesting question. They're not really sports I follow closely so I might have to do more research before I respond in any more detail but I'd imagine the preeminent competitions will remain F1, MotoGP and NASCAR. More or less, in the sense that the structure will be roughly the same (i.e...
  5. The Empire Parnell Built
    Threadmarks: Sport: most valuable 'minority' leagues

  6. The Empire Parnell Built
    Threadmarks: World's Largest Economies, 1st Quarter 2021

    A couple of minor retcons to this list of largest economies, reflecting some slight fiddling with borders and flags but nothing major. The biggest changes are a slight revision downwards in US GDP (also moving its capital back to DC to avoid accusations that I copied Our Fair Country) and an...
  7. The Empire Parnell Built

    What OTL became the Liberal Unionists and the Ulster Tories will TTL become a major part of the Irish Loyal and Patriotic Union, which will be the main centre-right to right wing party in Ireland for the next few decades. You’re right that the Unionists don’t split as OTL, mainly because, once...
  8. The Empire Parnell Built

    There are a couple of minor differences, reflecting Gladstone's lack of involvement: The OTL Bill was a lot more specific about what powers the devolved Irish Assembly would have, whereas the TTL Act specifies what remains within the British purview and hands over everything else to the Irish...
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  10. The Empire Parnell Built

    Yes. TTL women’s cricket is held back in the British Empire by a general patriarchal sense until about the 1990s that professionalism in women’s sports is unseemly. The US league is helped by the TTL equivalent of Title IX and if you can get a contract there then you can have a pretty good career
  11. The Empire Parnell Built

    Unfortunately, yes. Although I think the relative levels are better than OTL, especially in the US.
  12. The Empire Parnell Built
    Threadmarks: Sport: Most valuable women's cricket leagues

    It occurred to me that I ought to clarify (for those of you who wonder about this) what I mean by 'cricket' TTL. Technically, the sports are slightly different between the men's and women's games. The men's game is 20 overs a side but played with an OTL first class ball (red or pink, depending...
  13. The flame of British Liberalism burns steady and brighter: A timeline from 1945

    I don't think it's been asked here but what happened to Evan Durbin TTL? I assume he died as in OTL because I didn't see him in any of Gaitskell's cabinets but I wondered if he was in the Bank of England or something...
  14. The Empire Parnell Built
    Threadmarks: France: 1880 election

  15. Hail, Britannia

    "I really hate all the TLs on this site about what if the American provinces seceded. It's been done and surely we all accept that, while it's fun to think about, there's no way it really could have happened."