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  1. Graphic Thread

    I figured making a thread for these might be pushing it, but... Inspired by the mostly retired Vlad Tepes Award.... And the comparatively lesser known Drunk Fleetlord Atvar Award... I've been working on my own collection of arguably useful (or at least amusing) Alternate History awards...
  2. Air and Space Photos from Alternate Worlds.

    You know, a bog-standard Photon Torpedo would have a maximum yield of about 64 Megatons. Quantum Torpedoes and high-yield Photons are even higher... Even without including non-expendable or exotic weapons, that's quite a bit more than the punch-to-weight ratio of the torpedo bombers than sank...
  3. Photos from The Man in the High Castle

    Above: A ragged band of guerillas—their ranks including impressed women and children—brazenly parade a motley panopoly of captured and stolen Axis small arms, somewhere on the Africa Orientale Italiana frontier, circa 1949. Above: Groß-Simbabwewerke Chemiefabrik, 1960. Covering an area of...
  4. Alt-History Aftermath Scenarios Implied by Media

    When you think about it, the only things that would have prevented a lot of people's careers ending in disgrace in the aftermath of 1961's Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea would be that they're dead already, or that many of the people who could replace them are dead already. 😱
  5. Photos from The Man in the High Castle

    Above: Hibaro-zoku Giyūtai—Indigenous Special Volunteers, South America, 1960. Often deploring the dreadful waste of humans in post-war colonial Co-Prosperity Civilization building, Japan takes pride in providing a balanced place for subject peoples even within military and security forces...
  6. Screw Postcolonial Africa EVEN Harder Than OTL

    Indeed—The Bomb: South Africa's Nuclear Weapons Programme is an excellent source on the history of the program, both in it's technical and political aspects (including planned nuclear strategies), as is Revisiting South Africa's Nuclear Weapons Program. Fascinating reads for any enthusiast on...
  7. Photos from Alternate Worlds II (read FAQ first)

    Not sustainable fishery management, one presumes.
  8. Photos from Alternate Worlds II (read FAQ first)

    Somewhere, noted pulp scifi/fantasy author Adolf Hitler (1889-1953) is smilin' down from heaven.
  9. Photos from The Man in the High Castle

    Those are rubber, for the record. Unlike the starved, and/or beheaded Africans, a few posts up. 'Pretty sure those are real.
  10. Photos from The Man in the High Castle

    English troopers of the SS division Black Prince—units raised in the British Islands (and indeed, recruits from throughout the former Empire!) have repeatedly distinguished themselves in combat in service of the Reich, earning a rightful reputation as superb Bandenbekämpfung and...
  11. Photos from The Man in the High Castle

    Imperial Special Forces spearheading the counter-offensive against the fiendish hordes of British "Janissary" troops, invading through a mysterious extra-dimensional rift from a parallel nightmare world where the Sun Never Set on the British this scene from the blockbuster 1988...
  12. Photos from The Man in the High Castle

    A classic (and well-loved) copy of Der Adler, with an imposing cover of ferry rocket Freude awaiting launch on the Kismaayo Raketenstartplatz, East Africa, to shuttle the final run of crewmen and provisions for the Olympia I Mars mission.
  13. What would Modern Military Uniforms of currently non-existent nations look like?

    'Meant to get to this one while on vacation, but things got a bit busier than I expected. But... Legióm Cuāuhtlio soldier in parade dress. Despite popular (and heavily romanticized) impressions, much of the Aztec military kit has largely been scarcely distinguishable from that of it's...
  14. Design the Worst Airplane

    Already done. Or, courtesy of Bruce McCall and Maj. Howdy Bixby,
  15. What would Modern Military Uniforms of currently non-existent nations look like?

    'Nother extremely fanciful/silly one... Zululand Sea Corps (kwaZuluolwandle) exchange officers and sundry journalists onboard IJN Shikishima just prior to Battle of Tsushima, 1905.