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  1. Photos from Alternate Worlds II (read FAQ first)

    Not sustainable fishery management, one presumes.
  2. Photos from Alternate Worlds II (read FAQ first)

    Somewhere, noted pulp scifi/fantasy author Adolf Hitler (1889-1953) is smilin' down from heaven.
  3. Photos from The Man in the High Castle

    Those are rubber, for the record. Unlike the starved, and/or beheaded Africans, a few posts up. 'Pretty sure those are real.
  4. Photos from The Man in the High Castle

    English troopers of the SS division Black Prince—units raised in the British Islands (and indeed, recruits from throughout the former Empire!) have repeatedly distinguished themselves in combat in service of the Reich, earning a rightful reputation as superb Bandenbekämpfung and...
  5. Photos from The Man in the High Castle

    Imperial Special Forces spearheading the counter-offensive against the fiendish hordes of British "Janissary" troops, invading through a mysterious extra-dimensional rift from a parallel nightmare world where the Sun Never Set on the British this scene from the blockbuster 1988...
  6. Photos from The Man in the High Castle

    A classic (and well-loved) copy of Der Adler, with an imposing cover of ferry rocket Freude awaiting launch on the Kismaayo Raketenstartplatz, East Africa, to shuttle the final run of crewmen and provisions for the Olympia I Mars mission.
  7. What would Modern Military Uniforms of currently non-existent nations look like?

    'Meant to get to this one while on vacation, but things got a bit busier than I expected. But... Legióm Cuāuhtlio soldier in parade dress. Despite popular (and heavily romanticized) impressions, much of the Aztec military kit has largely been scarcely distinguishable from that of it's...
  8. Design the Worst Airplane

    Already done. Or, courtesy of Bruce McCall and Maj. Howdy Bixby,
  9. What would Modern Military Uniforms of currently non-existent nations look like?

    'Nother extremely fanciful/silly one... Zululand Sea Corps (kwaZuluolwandle) exchange officers and sundry journalists onboard IJN Shikishima just prior to Battle of Tsushima, 1905.
  10. What would Modern Military Uniforms of currently non-existent nations look like?

    A somewhat fanciful "just got home, unwinding from work" quickie from me... Artfully concealed California Republic troopers from 2nd Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment ("Norton's Own") hold a position at the edge of the great Mojave in support of Operation Shatterhand, 1943-44.
  11. Album Covers from an alternate universe

    An early classic by Miyazaki, albeit one that suffered from a troubled, prolonged production. But, thankfully, one that ultimately bore fruit.
  12. WI: US Nuclear Weapons Operational One Year Earlier

    According to ol' Nukemap, a surface burst of Little Boy would deliver 1 psi overpressure to a radius of 2.9 km, or some 9500 feet. That's as low as the calculator will go, and I've got a relative dearth of information on how many psi the Enola Gay (or other nuclear-mission B-29s) received, or...
  13. Bad Flag Thread

    Hey, $7 Billion cumulative gross at the box office, not counting home media sales? When it comes to sources for flag elements, you could pick a hell of a lot worse. ;) And, alas, it's only "my" flag in the sense that I picked it out of the jumble of results from a Google image search.
  14. Bad Flag Thread

    Oh, Phoenixes are dandy, don't get me wrong. I just like them better when they don't look like a chicken squatting on a burger king crown. In crayon. There are, in fact, a number of other US city flags that use quite fine designs featuring a phoenix—including Phoenix, Az, which adopted a couple...
  15. Bad Flag Thread

    The Flag of San Francisco... Yes, as a local, I know that it indeed has a legitimate pedigree in a historical and artistic context. But seriously...look at that poor thing. That's not an emblem you proudly wear on your shoulder. It's not even good for a bumper sticker. You could indeed...