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    Miscellaneous <1900 (Alternate) History Thread

    Lineal Elamite was adapted by the Indus Valley Civilization to complement their script.
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    Save an extinct ethnic group

    I second the motion!
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    Slower conquest of mexico or aztec rump state?

    The Aztec elite exiled to present-day Sonora and Arizona, the supposed Aztlán.
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    What if North Korea had lost their Hwanghae and Kangwon provinces to South Korea in the Korean War?

    Could the North would look for an alternative capital, given Pyongyang's proximity to Hwanghae? On the other hand, the partition of Gyeonggi into two provinces would be easier, with Kaesong as the capital of (hypothetical) North Gyeonggi.
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    AHC: Alternate "Islams"

    I thought of Ebionitism for this thread.
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    Save an extinct ethnic group

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    Anyone interested in ancient Chinese history? As a Chinese myself I can try to answer whatever questions you may have.

    That's a challenge indeed, and even thinking of a pre-historic PoD (even involving geographic ASB), but I think it's equally challenging.
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    What if Galicia formed Portugal?

    I thought of an ATL Potuguese orthography that I could exemplify: "Televisón" instead of either "Televisión" (Galician - RAG), "Televisom" (Galician - AGAL) or "Televisão" (Portuguese). On the other hand, it would be obvious that Santa Eulalia de Mérida would be the patroness of Spain.
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    India without Indira Gandhi?

    I wonder how a longer living Shastri would deal with the then nascent Indian public television Doordarshan.
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    AHC: Form alternate/new ethnic groups of the world

    Reposted from this thread:
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    Alternate Politicians - After 1900

    Francisco "Patxi" Bayrú List of offices: Member of the Navarrese Parliament (Béarn) (1980-89; 1996-2011) Secretary of Education, Navarrese Regional Government (1980-84) Secretary-General, Centro Democrático y Social (1988-2003) President of the Spanish Federal Government (1990-96) Merino...
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    Surviving Caucasian Albanians

    Well, you need an Udi-wank.
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    Miscellaneous >1900 (Alternate) History Thread

    New Brunswick was divided internally between French-speaking north (Acadie) and English-speaking south.
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    AHC: Form an alternate Dynasty/Royal Family/Nobility

    Name: House of Cico Title(s): King of the Philippine Islands (Hari nan Sankapuluan) Region of Origin: Maluku/Moluccas (Ternate) Region of Rule: The Philippines Founder: Kaicili Sidang nan Cico (Alfonso de Cico) Timespan: 1823 - present History: In a relatively complex scenario where the...