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  1. Alternate Aircraft of Nations

    1938 In a controversial move the Fleet Air Arm adopts the General Aircraft Gannet as its new single seat carrier fighter. What's controversial is that this is a licenced adaption of the Dutch Fokker D XXI. The Picture Post is heavily fined for reporting this with the headline "Admiralty...
  2. The Forge of Weyland

    The problem is that until 1941 the RAF doesn't have spare fighter aircraft to use as fighter bombers, if you're going to do close air support it's the otherwise unwanted Battle or nothing.
  3. The Forge of Weyland

    Probably short barrel. The Royal Tank Corps had a rule that the barrel of the gun couldn't extend beyond the tracks of the tank. This was because on the Mark I tanks in 1916 the long 6 Pounders had a habit of digging into the ground, hence why they were shortened on later tanks.
  4. Have the Avro Manchester be more successful

    Yep, they were worried that such a large aircraft fully loaded with bombs wouldn't be able to take off from a wet and muddy grass runway. Fortunately someone regained their common sense and remembered this little thing called tarmac.
  5. The Forge of Weyland

    All proper Jags are green, and are come with at least 1 blond bombshell.
  6. Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    Private Clarkson what the hell are you doing to my Victoria's back door?
  7. Have the Avro Manchester be more successful

    If only Rolls Royce had put the resources wasted on the Vulture into the equally powerful Griffon...
  8. Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    Matilda II's reputation rests on it being "The Queen of the Desert" able to shrug off everything the Italians and most of what the Germans can throw at it. TTL that title is going to belong to the Valiant which is both faster than the Matilda and upgradable. The Matilda while being relative...
  9. No WWI or equivalent, what happens to the British Empire by 1945?

    After WWI the Royal Navy gave the Dominions entire (if small) navies worth of ships.
  10. The Forge of Weyland

    The Americans aren't exactly guiltless either. At least the British didn't use the same number for different pieces of equipment. How many different M3's were there? How Many M1's?
  11. The Forge of Weyland

    The Morris Suppository?
  12. The Forge of Weyland

    The A11 runs from London to Norwich so they could name it the Norwich.
  13. The Forge of Weyland

    That would be
  14. A series of assumptions: a Britwank on a budget?

    I could easily see a third being ordered in the aftermath of the Falklands War and a Commando carrier to replace the Hermes.