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  1. WI: German New Netherlands

    Germanic national and lingustic identity is sufficiently plastic, pre-Napoleon, that they should pretty easily assimilate to a New-Netherlandish identity. Religious toleration of white Protestants in particular was pretty abundant. (At least if you were white - ministers put the kibosh on slaves...
  2. Blacks retain political control of one southern US state after Reconstruction?

    If it's only one state and Reconstruction ends per OTL... I doubt the "black state" will last long to be honest.
  3. How would British America have developed without the American Revolution?

    The rise of the anti-slavery movement in Britain was in part a result of the moral re-evaluation Britain conducted after losing the American Revolution. While it's death in the 19th century is near-inevitable, a continent-spanning buyback seems unlikely - gradual emancipation seems more...
  4. Cities that could have been much larger

    It's at the mouth of the Tennessee River, I'd think.
  5. WI: Imperial Russia vs Confederate states of America cold war

    The only way is with a 1780s POD that results in the USA being called the CSA.
  6. AHQ: was Greece destined to be the cradle of European civilization?

    Recall that if the Islamic Golden Age hadn't maintained many of the texts, a substantial corpus of what we still have of the Greco-Roman classics would have been lost much longer to European scholarship.
  7. Fate of Alaska with an American Canada?

    I don't think it changes Russia's desire to get rid of it (namely their inability to project force across their vast internal Siberian frontier). Assuming minimum divergence in Mexico (such that they settle a 42 North treaty line per OTL), unless Britain populates Rupert's Land and Columbia...
  8. WI: Britain Keeps Michigan and Wisconsin Territory If America Still Goes Independent?

    Michigan frankly seems doable though, especially if the British don't abandon Detroit under the Jay Treaty. The Maumee Swamp and St. Joseph Rivers could be fortified pretty easily and were barely settled for decades. I do think if the British have some presence in the Missisippi watershed, both...
  9. WI: Britain Keeps Michigan and Wisconsin Territory If America Still Goes Independent?

    It depends on if this alt-Treaty of Paris butterflies something like the Jay Treaty of 1794, which conferred most favored nation status and allowed local Natives, American, and Canadian citizens to freely pass between the two countries for commercial purposes. Obviously economic realpolitik...
  10. Are there any good Alternate History Games on Steam?

    I picked up We Happy Few on sale. It's interesting... if it doesn't give you acid flashbacks the setting is very intriguing even if the gameplay leaves something to be desired.
  11. AHC: An Independent Florida

    No - but they did conquer a portion of Portuguese Brazil while Portugal was under union the Iberian Union. Florida was empty enough that it was, by comparison, a much less juicy target.
  12. Are there any good Alternate History Games on Steam?

    Crusader Kings 2 and Europe Universalis IV are enough on their own to scratch that alternate history itch. But there are also several mod projects on both games with a focus on alternate timelines.
  13. AHC: An Independent Florida

    Dutch conquer St. Augustine, get plantation agriculture going there and up into OTL South Carolina, and keep the name Florida. (But I imagine this is earlier than what you're thinking)
  14. Lincoln Lives: How a failed assassination changed the course of a Nation and a newly freed people

    Interesting timeline! On the other hand... many voting blacks (a major part of the Reconstruction coalition) have migrated elsewhere. A few notes: - This path seems like it will lead to better race relations than IOTL after the collapse of Reconstruction, but ultimately cause problems in the...
  15. AHC: Catholic England, Protestant France

    Will an England without a Henrician Reformation stay Catholic, though? Given the strong trade contacts with Germany, Scandinavia, and the Netherlands?