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  1. Map Thread XX

    Thank you! We are talking a very large country, perhaps between the size of Qing China and Late Tsarist Russia, much of it relatively recent conquests. As you can tell by that size comparison there are also thus a number of river valleys which can support high population densities, and overall...
  2. Map Thread XX

    It does have some Armenian influence absolutely but at this point it has somewhat gotten away from me in terms of the influences :v
  3. Map Thread XX

    God's Kingdom and the Coming Deluge All is not well in the Patriarchate of Vaspukaran. For eight hundred years, despite disunion and reformation Vaspukaran has survived as a single state with a single Patriarch, under which all of the souls of the country are aligned in the dream to build a...
  4. Inkscape and maps.

    @LSCatilina This is gonna sound kinda weird, but is it okay if I repost this on another site with full credit and links to the original post? This is just an excellent tutorial.
  5. New Alternate History forum on Sufficient Velocity!

    Map Games would go under Grand Strategy Roleplaying. We've done some reorganization; creative works now go under Alternate History Works, which is a subforum of User Fiction that default-aggregates to the front page of UF (ie, unless a user specifically sets it to be so, you can see AHW on the...
  6. New Alternate History forum on Sufficient Velocity!

    I totally agree with this. Although SV is happy to have from, we want an independent community to develop there. We've already got people on the site who write alternate history, it's just mainly in user fiction and quests; I like to think that users from can give the...
  7. New Alternate History forum on Sufficient Velocity!

    Forum's already got over 1,000 posts. Not too shabby for something made a day and a half ago.
  8. White Slavery Proposal in the CSA?

    Indentured Servants as a proportion of the population declined propitiously and basically disappeared by the beginning of the 18th century, though.
  9. Why chariots suddenly disappear during middle ages

    [single gaul faction intensifies] [four roman factions intensify]
  10. Why chariots suddenly disappear during middle ages

    It's more like more effective training. Like, you had to actually develop the tactics to use the larger horses in any case. The Assyrians were among the first to deploy large amounts of cavalry in their campaigns- the Achaemenids had excellent cavalry. By the time we have a historical record...
  11. Why chariots suddenly disappear during middle ages

    Stirrups have nothing to do with the abandonment of chariots. The last recorded use of chariots in the Mediterranean is the Battle of the Lelantine Plain between Khalkis and Eretria in 700 BCE. Chariots were abandoned because people learned how to use horses more effectively. One of the best...
  12. Opinion of the Mongols?

    Western Europe had some positive effects from the Black Death. In Eastern Europe and the Middle East it just strengthened serfdom.
  13. taiping rebellion successful

    On the other hand, you had Hong Rengan. Western opinion was fairly positive towards the Taiping until after 1860 and they generally attempted to avoid confrontation until they had to.
  14. WI: China becomes a colony of Great Britain?

    It's important to know that Britain was able to pull that off because there was no unitary force on the Indian subcontinent and it was in the period of transition and confusion following the end of Mughal rule. Even then the EIC never fought the Indian states at the height of their competence-...
  15. AHC: Reformation spreads to the Orthodox world

    i'm not really sure how considering the entire basis of the argument was a rejection of the authority of the Pope, the catholic church, indulgences, and their theological doctrine as well as opposition to vernacular none of which is relevant to the East which is already fragmented by national...