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  1. Return of Horrible Educational Maps

    Germany spilled their Poland all over the USSR
  2. Return of Horrible Educational Maps

    - greater India (but Pakistan still broke free) - United nusantara - greater Bulgaria - unified Korea - Islamic state of Iraq and Syria - Egyptian-Jordanian victory in the 1948 war - Rwanda and Burundi remain German colonies, granted independence together with Tanganyika - socialist Union of...
  3. Map Thread XXI

    Even Big Argentina is not allowed to have the Falklands :(
  4. Map Thread XXI

    That's uhhhh impressive, I'd have to say! It's just very jarring, took me a few good moments to get wth I was looking at.
  5. Return of Horrible Educational Maps

    "Oh and I forgot, can you add surrounding countries to the map as well?" "That would cost you extra" "nvm then, I can do it myself"
  6. King Theodore's Corsica

    I wonder if you were inspired by ~recent events~ or if it's just another case of life imitating art.
  7. Why Did the Japanese Military Think Pearl Harbor Was a Good Idea?

    My understanding is that the Japanese hoped that if they’re successful enough in the first stages of the war, then defeating them would require such a mobilization effort by the Americans, they’d be unwilling to make the necessary sacrifices for a bunch of far away islands. Basically the...
  8. What are some historical pet peeves you have

    Essentially any time someone implies that members of a certain culture or people during a certain period were barbarian or savage, disparaging their societies and downplaying their achievements. Probably the best insight I’ve had from studying history is to approach and society I study with a...
  9. PC: southern Italy remains part of the Spanish empire

    with a pod after the end of the War of Spanish Succession, is it possible to have a scenario in which Spain retains the kingdoms of Naples and Sicily? Perhaps either Carlos III or the IV are lone children, meaning there’s no one to hand Naples and Sicily once Carlos III ascends to the Spanish...
  10. Map Thread XXI

    How is there an Atlantic Ocean when there is no Atlantis?
  11. LGBT rights in a surviving USSR

    LGBT rights in Cuba today are not in such a bad place, at least from a legal perspective, with discrimination outlawed and the cost of gender reassignment covered by the government. Same-sex marriage is not yet legal, though from what I've heard it's very close to approving them. I'm willing to...
  12. WI: A 20th Century Christian Fundamental State?

    South Vietnam under Ngo Dinh Diem was actually very much a Catholic version of Iran or Saudi Arabia. I don't know if I'd describe their ideology as "fundamentalist" necessarily, but definitely in terms of policy it was violently persecuting Buddhists (Vietnam was majority-Buddhist), promoting...
  13. What if the Portuguese never colonized Brazil?

    France had a colony in Brazil in the 16th cent. Around the vicinity of Rio de Janeiro. This was IOTL.
  14. WI: The Catholic Church Resurrects The Pentarchy (Or Creates Its Own Version)

    I think that kind of scenario might butterfly away the reformation entirely. A weaker church could mean the underlying reasons for dissatisfaction with the church over its corruption and opulence never materialize, or at least not as strongly as OTL. And maybe a decentralized Catholic Church...
  15. WI: The Catholic Church Resurrects The Pentarchy (Or Creates Its Own Version)

    Why? That's basically the Pope agreeing to give up some of his power and distribute it to other seats. Why do that when he can instead affirm his supremacy over all of christendom.